Last Weekend of Freedom

Happy Monday everbody!

Today is a big day but before I get into that… I wanna talk about this weekend!

This was our first weekend all back together before classes started and it was great! On Friday we kicked the weekend off with a BBQ at Ted’s! I came prepared armed with all of this

We grilled and caught up before it was time to start the real fun of the evening…. Beer Games! We had First Year vs Second Year flip cup… and for the most part the Second Years dominated!!! I surprised everyone by actually ebing quite good at flip cup.. because I am awful at pong!

roomies reunited!

  It was a good night full of friendly competition and great food!

Saturday started out strong with the Michigan State game and breakfast with Ryan, Connor and one of their friends Andy! All three of them are big State fans, and it was fun to watch them get so excited about the game!

Connor makes mean pancakes!

After leaving the boys, Collen and I went on a bike ride… or well we tried to go on a ride! Tina decided to be a diva drama queen and break halfway into our ride!!! It was a biketastrophe! Thankfully Ted has a bike rack and we were close to his place so he could rescue us and bring us back to my place! We rewarded him with fro yo!

I came home from fro yo heaven in time to get ready and head to Kat and Andrews for our usual marathon of College Game Day! I love college game day. even if I didn’t go to a school with a football team.. it really is my favorite day! We had left over cookies, wings, chips and salsa, and of course beer, well and coffee for me! I never drink coffee but I was exhausted by 5pm on Saturday!

We went from Kat’s to Elana’s new amazing loft to pregame before going out! Elana’s new place is amazing with a sick rooftop that of course we took advantage of! We love rooftops, which was apparent when we spent our night basically the only people on the rooftop of the bar we went to!

what would a night be without ridiculous dancing?

true love

Needless to say it was a great weekend spent iwth great people! Yesterday I went on an hour walk with my aunt Alice! It was a beautiful day outside and as usual I love talking to her about everything. She is a PT and so there is a lot of common ground with what she does and what I want to do! Finally I was able to relax at home and watch football while getting all my stuff together for my upcoming classes, and doing some reading!

Also yay the BEARS WON!!!!!

Now I am off to finish getting ready! See you after class!

What did you do this weekend? 

NFL or College Football?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry?


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