Books I Love: ESPN: Those Guys Have All The Fun


I am up and at em nice and early this morning, but sadly still without time to workout… I will have to figure out Tuesday and Thursday mornings better from here on out! It helps that my class is at 9 instead of 8 like I thought!

This morning I decided to use my extra hour to be productive and print things out and eat breakfast instead of heading to the gym since I had already planned on swimming later tonight!

My new obsession? Cereal! I go through phases with cereal, sometimes I crave it constantly and sometimes  I can’t stand it so I am enjoying this little kick I am on! My new favorite is Three Sisters Graham Crackers cereal… sooo yummy! I started off my morning with a big bowl of that with strawberries on the side… I am not a fruit in my cereal kind of person, I would rather eat it on it’s own!

In other news, I read a lot but rarely do I post about it, so that is about to change! From now on I will start reviewing my books on the bloggy just in case any of you want a new book to read! Today’s selection the ESPN book: Those Guys Have All The Fun! You may be thinking.. um no that sounds bad… but it was SOO GOOOD!


It follows ESPN from it’s inception and every step on the surprisingly rocky path that it faced in becoming the major power that it is now! It reads like a conversation between the people that were interviewed, which comprise of past and present employees, people from the other networks, athletes, commissioners, etc! It was funny, heart wrenching, and eye opening all at the same time and really gives you an insiders view of cable television and what it is like to work within television! It also once again brings home the importance of sport in our culture and how much broadcasting sports changed both the fabric of society and sports themselves. Things like the X Games for example were started by ESPN, and NASCAR became as big as it is because ESPN was the only network who devoted hours of time to their “sport” (I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not). If you enjoy sports and watching ESPN you should definitely check this book out, or get it for your significant other, it is a great read! Plus you can impress people with your sports knowledge that you quote from it 😉

Ok time to get ready for my day! Catch ya on the flip side!

What is the last book you read?

Do you like watching ESPN?

Favorite Sport?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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