Pesto Rice!

Have I mentioned I love Pesto? maybe a lot of times? Well I do! Tonight I has hit with a pesto craving on my drive home and after Yoga Sculpt I hit the grocery store to make Almond Pesto!!!

OMG if you haven’t subbed other nuts for pine nuts you must do it! The taste is so much better and hey almonds are healthy right?

I mixed up my pesto ingredients, basil, olive oil, parmesan, and almonds in my kitchenaid food processor! Once it was nice and blended I mixed it into freshly cooked rice, and grilled chicken with spinach and peppers! This was so yummy and exactly the feel good meal I needed after a long day of class!

Lets go back to Yoga Sculpt shall we? This class was fantastic! I was a bit skeptical about it because I had not taken this teacher before and I am usually picky about whose class I go to.. but wow this definitely blew me away! She was a great teacher and really challenged us! We spent a good 10 minutes on core and I was dying by the end! I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow!

Now I am off to relax and decompress after today!

See you tomorrow!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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