Pushing Yourself With Exercise

Hello from my couch where I am pretty sure my body has fused into the cushions because it is so tired! Have I ever told you that my couch is basically the most comfortable couch ever? Well it is… which is not always a good thing!

Today’s workout(s) got me thinking about my history witch exercise and all the different phases I have gone through.

Until I was about 17 I never even went into the gym, because I always swam, and when I was younger played other sports that always kept me active. And I swam so much that it didn’t matter if I did anything else. However the summer between my sophomore and junior year I put on about 10 pounds which is a lot in high school and realized I needed to amp up my working out both to get in better shape and become a stronger swimmer! I started using cardio machines and weights when I wasn’t swimming to balance out cardio and strength which I had never really done before. I found that season was my strongest swim season yet and was further encouraged to work out beyond the pool. That summer before my senior year I really started running and joined the XC team. It was hard, I am not a natural runner, and I am pretty sure I never ran more than five miles but it made me really push myself… even if I was not good (I finished 2nd to last a lot) But even though I was slow… I always finished with a smile!

Once I got to college I had to get used to the lack of a structured sport environment for the first time in my life. I went a little too hard at the beginning and would work out until I almost passed out most days. I lost close to 10 lbs my first two months in college, and probably would have continued only my body put a kibbosh on that and I broke my foot.

Ever since then I have had a much healthier attitude about working out and how much my body can handle! I became a spin instructor senior uear and loved helping my friends get into a form of exercise I love so much! If I have time I will sometimes do two a day especially in the summer, but I don’t over do it! Mostly it will be a cardio workout and then a strength class or workout!

My running really took off when I moved here and learned how much I really do enjoy running.. most days! After I ran my first half marathon things really took off because I was so proud that I had reached an accomplishment that five years ago I would have thought impossible!

Now my second half is in less than a month and I finally am getting up there in mileage! Today I did a ten mile run which was great! Seriously I have not run as much this time as I did for the first one, but this ten miler was easier than before! It may have been my mid run fuel… of swedish fish…. hey it did the trick… I rocked it!  After my ten miler I came home and made teh best egg sandwich potentially ever…

Pesto Muenster Cheese Egg Sandwich

I broiled a sandwich thin and then added two sliced of muenster cheese until they were bubbly! I topped the slice of sandwich thin without cheese with pesto and then added my egg! OMGGGGGGG the flavors killed me… and I wanted another one right away… but I refrained hahaha

I also ate a veggie sausage pattie on the side for extra protein and a peach for some fruity goodness!

After my post run fuel digested it was off to meet my freind Taryn for a spin class! My first spin class at DU! It was a good class and the instructor was really cute.. she had a good range of music including some hist from 1993… the year the freshman this year were born.. I felt old

After abs and stretching at the end of class I jumped into the pool for 20 minutes of cool down swimming…. needless to say today I may have overdone it just a little bit considering my body feels similar to the way it felt after my first half… I will be taking it easy with a yoga class tomorrow.. if I can move…. After my triathalon workoutI enjoyed a box of chocolate milk.. I got this from my favorite running guru.. and a big bowl of cereal!

Now I am off to meet with not one but TWO clients!!! I am so legit 🙂 See ya for dinnah lovers!

What was your workout today?

Favorite workout fuel? post workout fuel?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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