Return to the Blog World

Oh hi there! After an 11 day absence I am back, and this time I promise to stop leaving you all for such a long time! In my defense.. I didn’t have internet at the hotel I have been at.. and I am still not to the point of blogging on my phone… it just doesn’t work for me! These last two weeks have been JAM PACKED… one of the reasons why? Oh yes I have been in HAWAII since last Sunday…. yea I hve been living the life at a conference for the past week… and kind of being a beach bum…life is hard I know

The conference I attended was for the Association of Applied Sports Psychology and I learned a lot from the lectures and networking that I did there! In fact some of what I learned will be popping up on the blog shortly!! There will be some fun new changes to EDBS!

Despite the fact that I was in tropical paradise, I was in a funk all week. I couldn’t shake my mood of uneasiness and disconnectedness that I was feeling towards my classmates, the conference and other things. Why? I really don’t know, but lately I have been on the go constantly and I  think all of this caught up with me finally and erupted in my mind this week. I love sports psych and I ADORE my friends.. they are my life and I would be nothingw ith out them…

but I just felt like somehow I was not in the right place. As you may or may not know I am pursuing a PhD in Counseling Psych, or hoping too anyways, and I think that this new drive to go for pure counseling is drawing me away from sports psych. While I want to work with athletes, I want to do it in a clinical setting, one that is more put together than AASP and the world of Sports Psych, which is still finding it’s way in the world of Psychology. Anyways hopefully now that I am almost back in Denver I will go back to normal sunshiney me and stop being such a lame-o! I really hate having these feelings of isolation and self-doubt which cause me then to further retreat inside myself.. which exacerbates the problem… silly me!

Ok ANYWAYS sorry for that emo tangent… just had to get it out there… not all was Dark and Twisty however… I had some wonderful times with my friends exploring the island and of course relaxing by the pool and the beach!! I even tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding…. and two days later I am still sore but man was it fun and a great work out!! Plus the views of Oahu from my board out on the ocean… pretty freaking amazing!

I think the pictures say it all! It was a good week overall, but I am definitely ready to get home and see these ridiculous people who I have really missed!

Yea how can you not miss those faces?

OK off to go meet my best little bro (sorry kevkev) who is driving up to LAX from the OC to entertain me during my super long lay over!! yay for family time!!! More to come later!!!

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Which Island?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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