October October!

Happy October err body!!!

This week has been a long exhausting week, one that left me too drained to blog… sowwy!

It is already October (obvs) and I can’t believe it!! I only have like 7 more weeks of school left in the quarter! Because I have started to have panic attacks about my productivity thus far I have decided to have goals for October… So here they are!

1. FINISH AT LEAST 5 PERSONAL STATEMENTS. This is a superduper important one.. as I have 1 slightly finished… and I am applying to at least 8 schools

2. Be more dilligent… this one may seem weird but I want to do more careful work and be more dilligent about it especially because I am doing work that is impacting my masters project and that is a big deal. I want to do it right the first time!

3. Have better time management… I need to budget my time better for reading and work and such!

4. RELAX… this is a big one.. I have been so wound up and high strung lately it is exhausting!!! I just need to chill out and actually enjoy the moments instead of rushing through them all the time!

5. RUN! Yes my half is next week.. most mileage this week? 4 miles… technically I am tapering? But now that the weather is more to my liking…. kind of it is 84 right now… I will be able to take better advantage of running!!

6. Deal with stress better.. lately this has been a theme.. I get stressed or upset and introvert right up…and no one likes moody Meg.. not even my momma

Today I havebeen quite productive with readings and assignments done off my checklist and a consulting session earlier this morning!! All of this and a 2 hour nap before 4pm! pretty good if I do say so myself.. now I needto gather my energy in order to go for a quickie run! I had a handful of mnms…. thats good pre workout fuel right? :/ Maybe I’ll treadmill it so I can watch the Clemson game! It has been a good day of College Football today… CU didnt lose too bad, MSU won, and hopefuly the Tigers will beat Virgina Tech!

One more quickie update.. I owe you guys a recipe.. On Thursday Ryan and I went up to Boulder Creek to see the fall foliage and had a super cute picnic date! For dinner I made Tortilla Chicken Soup from this month’s Cooking Light! We paired our soup with Shoo Fly Shiraz (Ryan thought it looked cool and it actually was good!) and chips, guac, banana bread, and cookies! So actually I owe you a few recipes because I did bake a lot this week! Tomorrow I promise!

so manly with the Lilly P cooler bag 😉

sooo prettyy!!



Also isn’t that the cutest thermos bowl?? Gotta love Target!!

Ok off to the gym… peace out peeps!! Have a good Saturday!!

Are you watching gameday??


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!


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