6 months ago this seemed like a GOOD idea

Well I have officially completed Half Marathon Numero 2!!!! Yay!!! This morning I was up bright and early at 4:25 am in order to meet my friend Julie at the light rail to head to the Denver Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon!!

I usually go by myself to races and get there about 45-30 minutes early, today though we got there an hour early, did a nice warm up run and stretch and enjoyed the comforts of the VIP lounge that Julie got us into!! Best part of VIP? Private bathrooms so no waiting in humongous lines!

Soon it was time to go to our respective corrals, Julie is a super star and was in Corral 1… I was in Corral 8!! My knees hurt at the beginning but once I started running all was good and I was greeted right away with the most breathtaking view of the snow topped mountains peeking through the buildings of downtown! Once again I realized how lucky I am to live in such an incredible place!!

The race actually went really well considering I was no where near as prepared as I was last time! Last time I followed a very regimented schedule and did a 12 miler two weeks before my half! This time my longest run was a 10 miler three weeks before, and for the past three weeks my longest run was five miles! Regardless the run actually went by really fast and before I knew it I was nearing mile 9!! I was looking forward to mile 9 because my friend Lana was there! Not only did the thought of seeing a friendly face keep me boosted, but everywhere along the course were great signs with cute, funny, and inspirational quotes! My favorites were “6 months ago this seemed like a good idea” and “Chuck Norris never ran a race”.. I found this one hilarious and thought of baby bro Kev right away haha! Unfortunately I couldn’t find her but the thought of seeing her kept me boosted through the first 9!  I started to pick it up after that because I realized how close I was to the finish, and then at 11.5 I got a text from Ryan saying he was at the finish!! I wasn’t sure if he was actually gonna show up or not and that text was enough to make me book it even more to the finish!! The last part of the race was all down hill, and I definitely had an all out sprint going down that hill! After I finished it was off to find Ryan and then after I found him to find Twink!  On the way we found Julie!! We made a quick detour back to the VIP area to get my bag and although there was definitely tempting food, my stomach was not having any of it, so we wandered off to find Twink! Twink’s parents ran the race as well and it was so great that she was there! I was definitely feeling the love this morning!

Ryan walked me to the light rail which I was riding back to DU to get my car!! When I got home I was surprised with this!

Liza didn’t make it to the race so she decorated my door instead!!!!! I really am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people!! Love you guys thank you for your support!!

The rest of the day was spent eating and laying around… and doing work!! I got one whole app done!!! yay! For lunch I made pizza on a slice of thick delicious whole foods bread!

The slice had tomato sauce, garlic, spinach and cheese! On the side I munched on fresh red peppers that I was cutting up to put into the chili I was making for tonight!!!

I made the pizza by toasting the bread and then layering on the toppings before throwing it under the broiler for five minutes! super easy and delicious!

For desert I had this….

PUPPY CHOW!!!! I had a craving and thought um you DEFINITELY deserve this today!!! of course this bowl had a much higher pile on top… Liza and I went a little bit to town on it today!! The leftovers will be going to class tomorrow!

And now for dinner!!! Today was CHILLY which means… CHILI!!! which is perfect because now I have it for the week!!! yay lunches!

I got the recipe from Iowa Girl Eats, as well as the recipe for cornbread!! I wanted to make pumpkin cornbread…but I forgot it at the grocery store! FAIL

Anyway I followed her recipe to a tea but subbed in applesauce instead of pumpkin! This recipe is yummy and healthy because the applesauce takes the place of butter in the recipe!!!

I made some homemade guacamole to top the chili and made sure I added lots of cheese and a few chips!! Hey theres no such thing as too much food after a half right?!? This dinner was fabulous and the perfect comforting meal on a chili day!!  Click on over to Kristen’s blog and get the recipes and make these two dishes together! But do it with the pumpkin because it really adds something so great!!! Thank you Kristen for giving me the tools to a perfect dinner!!

Ok now I am off to finish watching Kim’s Fairytale Wedding.. omg so ridiculous! Then hot tub time for my aching 105 year old body!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!

Tell me about your weekend!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!


5 thoughts on “6 months ago this seemed like a GOOD idea

  1. No way, are we the same person?! The RnRDen was my second half yesterday too and I was in corral 8!! Glad it was such a good experience. I’m so sore today and I’m so confused because I was not sore at all last year! What gives? Congrats 🙂

    • OMG seriously?!? thats awesome!!! I WAS SO SORE yesterday…. much worse than after my first one!! and I think I pulled a muscle in my back somehow… win?! Um if you ever need a running buddy…. I’m your girl!

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