Strive for progress, not perfection

It’s Friday!!!! Cheers to the freaking weekend everyone!!! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend filled with foot all, friends an of course the omnipresent school work! Between papers and reading and doc apps I am a busy bee lately!!

Yesterday my friend posted this picture on my Facebook wall and it really resonated with me! It reminded me a lot of what we talk about in class and with our clients, but also of my approach to athletics, and life in general!

Life is a journey and I feel that often times especially when working towards our goals we forget about the process of reaching our goals, because we get so caught up in the fact that we didn’t do something perfectly, or maybe it didn’t quite meet our expectations! I feel this way especially about my running. For me running is all about the process… Doing each and every run for me and not for a certain time and distance. When I am training I will set distance goals but not pace goals so that I find myself pleasantly suprised when I go faster! Take my half on Sunday… I focused on my body how my legs felt, how my lungs felt, and the course instead of the time and even really counting miles. I ended up doing a 2:07:56… 2 minutes less than my goal!!! My training for this race was also all over the place because I did a run when I feel like it approach with lots of cross training… And this actually made me faster! Yes I was nervous about the outcome but really I was just getting myself in shape, and enjoying it instead of forcing myself to run when I didn’t feel like it so that I could be “perfect”. I feel that my run turned out to be perfect…when I wasn’t expecting it!
So whatever you are striving for… Focus on the process of doing it instead of having a perfect outcome! You may surprise yourself!

Today I did an easy three miler, my second actual run of the week (yesterday I did sprints for 10 minutes) and it felt good! I got back into running much faster this time with two runs in the week following! This is because I am contemplating training for a full marathon… We shall see!

Today’s lunch is brought to you by Panera!!! I love Panera and haven’t been there in so long!!! I met Liza there with my new charge Emma! ( she is almost 2 and too cute for words!) Emma got a grilled cheese, and I had the garden veggie soup with pesto, half a turkey sandwich, and an apple! It was the perfect lunch! I love any time spent with the rooms and was so excited she could meet us for lunch since on days I nanny all day I don’t see her till late!!


Now I am blooging in Starbucks before it is time to pick up my next babysitting job!! Issaac and Ethan, my two new fave boys!
Catch ya later gators!!
Do you care more about progress or outcome?!

What was your lunch today?

Peace, love, and be Sperry!


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