All About The Uniforms

Here is a post from my grad program’s blog that I wrote and wanted to share with you today! It is a little different from what I usually write so I hope you enjoy it!!! and check out our blog to learn more about sports psychology!

Long have we noticed The University of Oregon Ducks parade around there field in their fashy, ever-changing uniforms with the iconic winged shoulders. They make a statement on and off the field with a vast array of uniforms provided by Nike, wh sponsors the team. Each week we speculate what will come next, and now it is no longer just the Ducks we will be speculating about.
This season marks a changing tide in College Football, one where fashion takes it’s place in athletics and causes the fans to wonder what will happen next? This new trend of flashy, changing uniforms has been evident since the first weekend of the season when University of Maryland stepped out in uniforms showcasing the Maryland State Flag on helmets and gloves, making the Terrapins look like chess played assembled on the field. However the Terps don’t just showcase their State pride with their uniforms, they also show off their school pride as well. Other sets of their uniforms have Terrapin shell patterns on the helmets and shoulders, taking the winged shoulders concept even further.
This weekend many teams dipped their toes into the uniform pool to pull out flashy duds of their own. Michigan hoped to stun in Spartan Stadium for their Rivalry game against Michigan State, however they were left looking like bumbling bees on their navy and yellow stripes, as MSU took home not only the Paul Bunyan trophy, but they won the fashion war as well. Their dark greenNike Pro Combat uniforms accented with gold  were reminiscent of another era, and definitely stole the show.
The gloves of these new uniforms may be my favorite part! Something about them just screams power and performance, and gets me pumped up to watch the players! It adds an extra dimension to the uniforms and makes me wish even more I had an actual team that I supported! I feel that fans of the teams can also take pride in the uniforms, and further increase their team spirit and love of the team.
During the pre game coverage yesterday, ESPN did a segment on college uniforms and the new trends in the sports. There are now designers who collaborate to design the uniforms sponsored by companies such as Nike and Under Armor, and players have strutted their stuff on the catwalks to show off their new gear to the approval of these experts. Not only that, but Erin Andrews appeared on Fashion Police, for a segment dedicated to College Football gear. Fashion Police is a show on E! that follows celebrity trends and fashions, and gives out best and worst dressed titles. It was quite a change for them to do this to football teams, as rarely do they discuss athletics on the show. This brought even more awareness to the uniforms and College Football itself, and also allowed a whole new audience to become acquainted with football.
The part of the segment that resonated most with me, was a discussion about how the uniforms make the players feel. The uniforms are a source of pride, they know they look good, and that knowledge transcends to feeling good, and playing better with confidence. This is such an interesting concept because can a uniform really make a difference?And if so, then what about teams like the Penn State Nittany Lions? Joe Paterno has refused to change uniforms and give in to flashy trends, as well as not allowing names to be on the back of the uniforms. Will PSU suffer because they haven’t joined the fashion party?
If you want to watch the segment here it is!
I look forward to seeing more of these uniform debuts in the upcoming weeks, and seeing if uniforms really do make the difference.
What do you think of the new uniforms?
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

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