Interval Workout Fun


I have had SUCH a productive day!!!!! I wrote two papers, had a great workout, read two chapters, paid bills, and watched the MSU-Michigan game all before/until 1!!!! After that I had a client meeting and a quick shopping trip with Collen and Twink!! I only got new fake pearl earrings but Collen got a sweet bag!

Now lets back track back to that workout shall we?

Today’s workout started with a one mile run at an 8:50 pace (woo!)

Then once I had run around the neighborhood, I went to the gym to complete a cardio/strength cardio-interval workout!

My circuit looked like this:

Bicep curls (20)

Bicep/Tricep kick back (20)

Shoulder press (15)

Chest press (15)

Rotator Cuffs (20)

V Rows (20)

Tricep dips (15)

5 minutes on the treadmill

0- sprint at 8

1- walk at 4

2- sprint at 8.5

3- walk at 4

4- sprint at 9

repeat weight circuit.. and then some woman got on my treadmill to walk at like a 2.5 pace for 10 minutes! bah so I did 5 minutes of these plyo excercises

Frog jumps

Football runs

Jumping Jacks

I repeated this plyo circuit four times!

repeat weight circuit

repeat treadmill run/walk

cool down walk back to my apartment

WOOOOO it was a sweatyyyyy workout! I was actually happy to incorporate plyo in addition to the running because I feel like it helps spike heart rate even more!

I felt like a queen after this workout, and was able to slam out even more work after I was done!

For lunch during the football game, I munched on baked chicken wings and orange pepper slices and ranch! SOOO yummy and the perfect football lunch… I wanted a beer… but it was 12… and I was alone… that seemed a little… desperate/wrong/alcoholic? so I  stuck with water haha

After the mall I was hungryyyy so after a little bit more work, Liza and I ordered and picked up a pizza!!! OMG if you have a ZPizza near you.. try it… it rocks! They do whole wheat crust and it is TDF!!! We ordered the Napoli which was a garlic sauce base, fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, fresh basil, and parmesan! It was SOOOO good… we each had three slices! And two left over for lunch tomorrow yay!

we ran out of clean plates.... oops

Now I am watching the Auburn game before getting ready for my night out!!! Also COME ON CLEMSON!!!! They are undefeated and currently losing to Maryland!!! BAHHH

Who are you rooting for today?!

Plans for Saturday night?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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