Blegh Morning

That describes both how I feel today and the weather… One big BLEGH! I woke up nice and early at 6 am to do morning drop off for my new family, and as soon as I got there I started to feel awful! I barely slept last night and it definitely caught up with me this morning!  So I went straight home at 8 am and passed back out! Now I am feeling better but still in bed… fail.. eventually I will get up and go to school to get work done!

Today Guiliana Ransic announced that she has breast cancer. I became aware of this from Julie’s post today! Guiliana is 36 years old, and her cancer was found during in vitro treatments. Most women do not get a mammogram until 40, and so it is important to be doing self-checks on yourself regularly!

We all know people who have been effected or who are suffering from breast cancer, and with continued awareness and support we can catch it early and fight it, like hopefully Guiliana will! My godmother, Barb, died of breast cancer when I was 16. She fought it for years, and unfortunately it eventually caught up with her. She left a young daughter behind, who has grown into a beautiful high school student now! Be smart, and get checked, and tell your loved ones to get checked as well!

Now for lunch….

Today I had a delicious “grown-up” grilled cheese with a side of soup from last night!

My sandwich was on homemade fresh, spelt bread from WF bakery. I put a slice of muenster cheese, and some shredded Italian blended cheese, with tomato paste, pesto, and sliced tomatoes. It was DELICIOUS! perfect warm lunch for a cold blustery day!

In other news… The Bears won!! Finally we no longer have a losing record! Weee!

Ok off to get myself ready to leave my apartment!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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