Smile, It Makes It Easier

True Story.

My yoga instructor today said this many times.. Smile, it will make it easier! It really did, but thats not it… I was thinking about it and in general that statement really does work! Smiling through the pain is tough but studies show that smiling actually does improve your mood, and it can never hurt to share some sunshine can it?

So next time you are having a bad day, or in a tough work out, just smile… it really will make it easier!

or just look at this little guy! Man I want a puppy!!!


Today was my first yoga class in like two weeks! Bahhh.. I will definitely be feeling this tomorrow! The instructor was tough and with my new schedule this class will be replacing my old favorite class fo sho!

I came home and reheated some soup and on the side had two pieces of cheesy garlic bread! YUMMM I LOVE leftovers… especially on cold long days… definitely comfort food! And I needed it today! Once again I am having stress spirals about PhD and my future… yay for second guessing myself… again.. But I have sucked it up and I am going to do it… so hopefully all the stuff that I am being stressed out about will resolve itself and I will have no more worries! After all I now have three apps in progress and am only going to apply to about 2 more! Yay there is kind of an end in sight!

Super bright side? The Bestivus comes this weekend with her boy!!!! Yay for HS reunions and fun in Denver!!!

cutest ever!!!!

Ok now I will leave you with some fun quotes to make your week better!

This eight year old is sooo wise
You know this one is my personal motto with Twink and Collen… SO TRUE

This one is pretty apt right now… and so true.. we forget this often

Ok I will leave you with that one because it is hilarious! And I always like to leave on a good note!

How is your week going?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


One thought on “Smile, It Makes It Easier

  1. Lovely post little! You will do whatever you set your mind to. Just keep your head up high and know that all of this hard work will pay off. You will do what you are meant to do.



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