Things I learned in class and on Pinterest!


Sorry once again (millionth time) for the blog absence! I have been kind of having a few breakdowns about how much I have to do/doc apps/life etc and so blogging has been difficult! Im in a bit of a pickle with my doc apps sooo hopefully I can clear that up and be able to finish my apps! On the bright side my bestie from HS was here with her bf!! We had a really good weekend… Saturday night was a little rough but the rest of the weekend was great!

And best part of the weekend? My friend Elana got engaged!!!!! YAY Congrats Lana and Mike!

They are so cute!!! And of course we celebrated with College Football and lots of dancing!



So now lets talk about things  I learned in class today!

1. When we are stressed or  feeling bad we tend to do what feels good instead of regulating ourselves… such as eating 10 cookies even though we are trying to cut back on sugar or junk food. We can even allow ourselves to be “snappy” or abrasive with others close to us because we are so deep into our negative emotions that we cannot focus on the correct way to act with people in social situations. It is important than to be aware of emotions and situations before they happen! If you know you are in abad mood or something may put you in a mood, try and take a moment to evaluate whether you should actually put yourself in that situation, or something you can do to head off a negative emotions!

2. Take a break! When you are working towards a dream or a goal, or really anytime you feel overwhelmed or stressed or sad.. TAKE A BREAK!  This is sooo important especially for me and my classmates who are at our breaking points now! Go for a run, call your mom or best friend, watch a tv show, etc anything that allows you space or time to revisit your dream or goal, refresh, and be able to start again with a clear mind!  Take time to experience you emotions, and deal with them constructively so that you don’t become overwhelmed with them!

3. Develop good communication! Don’t just talk about yourself, ask questions and breathe! You don’t always have to be the one talking… silence is ok and can actually strengthen relationships and communication if you take silent time to reflect and process the conversation!

4. Be genuine and empathetic.. don’t be fake… no one likes someone who is fake

5. Be trustworthy! You want to trust others… so make it possible for them to do the same

And now for the lessons I learned on Pinterest today!

Goodness I LOVE pinterest!! I have some really good fitness quotes I want to share with you later!! And I have a recipe toshare tonight! Yay! Ok now I need to go pay attention in class… or not but pretend that I am.. This professor is a piece of work.. oyyyy

How do you deal with stress and emotion?
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


2 thoughts on “Things I learned in class and on Pinterest!

  1. I too am loving this webstie. I love the one that just states to walk away, I had to remind myself to do that today at work. The best way I deal with stress is removing myself from the situation and focusing on things that involve just me, like running or working out 🙂

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