work work work work it outttttt


One…. I need to stop eating Swedish Fish…. but it’s halloween weekend soooo its ok right? Right

Two…. Lately I have had some GAREAT workouts! sooo thats what I am gonna talk to you all about today!

On Thursday I had a kick butt interval hill workout on the treadmill!! It looked like this:

1st 10 minutes: speed 3.0 incline 15

10:  s- 5.5 i-15

17: s- 3.5 i-15

18: s- 7.5 i-15

19: s- 3.5 i-15

20: s- 8.0 i-15

21: s-3.5 i-15

22: s-8.5 i- 15

23: s- 3.5 i- 15

24: s- 9.0 i- 15

11: s- 3.5 i-15

12: s- 6.0 i- 15

13: s-3.5 i -15

14: s-6.5 i- 15

15: s- 3.5 i-15

16: s- 7.0 i-15

17: s- 3.5 i-15

18: s- 7.5 i-15

19: s- 3.5 i-15

20: s- 8.0 i-15

21: s-3.5 i-15

22: s-8.5 i- 15

23: s- 3.5 i- 15

24: s- 9.0 i- 15

25-30 at cool down at speed 4 incline 15!

wheeesh this was a toughie but so good!!! I took the day off Friday which turned out perfect because yesterday I ran 6 miles in 55 minutes!!!! This was a pr for me!! Today I went to a Hot Power Fusion class because I was in need of a good stretch! This was a great class and left me quite the sweaty sweaty mess!

The rest of the day was spent doing work and watching football/movies! While you were sleeping was on… I LOVE that movie it reminds me of my mom because we used to watch it together!

For dinner I made Enchilada Rice! I got the inspiration from who else… Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats… yes most of my recipes come from here because the girl is a genius!

I adapted the recipe some so I will share what I did but go check out her blog for Enchilada Pasta!

Enchilada Rice:

3 c brown rice

2 large chicken breasts

1 zuchini, chopped

1 red bell pepper chopped

1 can Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilis

1 can Old El Paso enchilada sauce

I cooked the chicken in olive oil and garlic and basically… I wanted to eat the chicken on its own it was soooo good! After the chicken was done, while the rice was still going I threw the veggies in a pan and sautéed a bit, before I threw in the chicken, rice, and enchilada sauce!!

Add cheese and sliced avocado and you are good to go! This was the perfect cozy yummy meal!!!

Now I am relaxing in my new yoga pants… that I am kind of obsessed with so I will share them with you! They have Broncos stuff on the waist band… so cute! This is my first pair of yoga pants like this and I love them! And they were on sale at Victorias Secret for $20!!! yay!

And now I will leave you with some exercise quotes from Pinterest!!

Ok I’m out!! Have a good Sunday Night!! See ya in da am FOR HALLOWEEENN!! aka my favorite Holiday!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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