Pep Talk Tuesday: Accepting Yourself.. good bad and ugly!

Today I have writers block… there a few different topics I want to write about but really… I am just emo for no real reason and at the same time a million real reasons

So my Pep Talk today is about being true to yourself… not just the you in public.. but every single part of you.. even the itty bitty bitchy parts that come out when you are alone and having a pity party on your own.. not that that ever happens… and certainly not with wine….

I am pretty open here…. I share a lot because that is me.. I am for the most part an open book.. and I wear my emotions on my sleeve…. my friend Ted often tells me that he has never met any one who does that as much as I do… I don’t always know that it is a good thing.. but it also isn’t a horrible thing. However it is something I definitely want to work on… because really sometimes people don’t need to know when you are upset or you know that you think they are being idiotic and should probably never talk again… that can stay in your head…

I am not perfect, none of us are… and lately I have been spectacularly imperfect. Because it has been an EXTREMELY difficult quarter… I have had more work than I am used to, doc apps which include figuring out my future, and potentially another move, and other changes like people coming and going and just changes in friendships in general. And I haven’t always dealt with it well… in fact I have had my diva moments that I really do wish I could redo.. mostly for the benefit of the friends that have had to deal with it. But the quarter ends Thursday…  have one more paper due… my apps are almost done.. and for the most part my friends have been the biggest support in my life. Count on your friends… and the people you love… don’t shut them out when you are in  a bad place.. I have done this and it only hurts you in the long run.. they want to be there for you… not have you cut them out because you are afraid of how they will treat you. If they are true friends they will always stay.

Basically I have seen the worst parts of my personality come out lately… however these nasty parts coming out has shown me what I don’t like but also what I love about myself. Sometimes we need the worst to come out to appreciate the beautiful. We can’t be perfect all the time, but we can work on mediating our emotions and doing the necessary self care in order to make sure that when we are so stressed out or in a slump that we have ways of bringing ourselves out of it. Exercise, chatting with friends, napping etc can be so beneficial because it allows us to switch gears and enjoy life.. and maybe come to conclusions about the things that are not so positive. Some of my best thinking happens in the swimming pool when I am in flow and have plenty of endorphins going on in ma head. But also we can’t have perfect lives all the time… because we need the rough spots to appreciate the good… and to make the changes that are necessary at the time.

Sooo… if you are in a slump, or a rough spot… remember who you are and embrace it.. because by reflecting on the good and the bad you can realize the bad and accept it, and remember the good.. remember the parts of you that make you irresistible to people. We tend to make ourselves unhappy because we can’t let things go… LET THINGS GO!!! Your past is in the past… it isn’t coming back, and your future will happen the way it is meant to so ENJOY the PRESENT… be in the now ( I sound like  a self help book) and love yourself for who you are.. because other people love you for who you are… even the bad.. and if they don’t it sucks but its not worth the pain.

Also remember to laugh and smile… it really makes all the difference between a good and bad mood… laughing is more fun than crying anyways. On that note tho don’t not cry.. it is ok to be vulnerable, it is ok to cry… its healthy so do it!

On another note.. once you accept that in yourself.. accept that in others. Don’t hold peoples flaws against them… it is easy to hold grudges because people annoy you or something happens and you view a friend differently. If you have a problem… TALK  IT OUT! Seriously… just having a chat about things can make all the difference and can strengthen a relationship. I am definitely working on this as it is easy for me to allow petty annoyances to rule how I feel about people.. but once you looked past that stuff you can see the real good in them.. and you may be surprised. Also remember you don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors… so don’t judge what you can’t see! (again easier said than done)… but if you need to vent.. do it.. and then let it go

Sorry this pep talk is a little ranty…. I am kind of all over the place today. But yea… basically take home message is you aren’t perfect but you are wonderful… so be the best you can be today


So remember you are beautiful… and you are great.. and you are loved… and so the rough patches, the nasty parts of you… they will come and go.. embrace them and move on…
ok LOVE YOU guys… I promise to be cheerful and bubbly again next time… today I just needed to get all this out
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Game Day!

ITSSS GAMEDAY!!! Yay! Yesterday was game day too.. and not only did I watch games… I went to a game!! Collen, Twink, and I went to Boulder for the U of A- CU game! Collen and Liza went to U of A and baby bro Kev goes to Boulder so I was quite divided however Collen piled on the peer pressure and Twink and I adorned ourselves in U of A gear!!

We got there nice and early in order to tailgate in what was probably the windiest place I have ever been in my life! We braved the wind however in order to make new friends and attempt to grill on my baby grill! When that failed our new friends came to the rescue and let us use their grill! People are so friendly on game day… it probably helped that I shared homemade puppy chow and coffee cake with them! 😉 We left our makeshift tailgate to find Liza and her U of A friends at their tailgate before heading to the game!

Finally it was game time! I was excited as this was my second actual college football game in my life! I have tailgated for two but we never actually went to the game after tailgating! I spent the first half with Twink and Collen, before we got separated and I found Kev and joined him in the CU student section… yea at first this did not bode well with fans because I was in Arizona gear… oops but it was highly entertaining and CU won their first conference game so it was exciting to be in the student section for that!

After the game we had planned on staying in Boulder and going out, however we were exhausted! We opted for pizza and watching Stanford-Oregon game with Kev and his roommate Andrew before heading back to Denver! It was a great day spent with some of my favorite people!

Now I am relaxing and watching the Bears game and attempting to do work! Enjoy your NFL Sunday!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Gets me every time

Happy Thursday!! After this I only have ONE more week of school till break!!!! weeeeeeeeehooooooooooo so pumped!

So I am doing my usual Thursday activities, drinking wine, and watching Grey’s and now Private Practice… OMG Grey’s… OMG.. one I cried like an infant child and two I am in shock… this is literally one of the nest episodes and reminds me of episodes from the first two seasons which in my opinion were the best!

Grey’s and Gossip Girl are those two shows that get me every time! Literally anytime they have a really emotional or suspenseful episode… I totally buy into it and am a complete mess… because obviously these shows are real life… like the characters are my friends. But seriously every time Chuck and Blair go through something… its a disaster… I just love it so much.. and them… I need a life… stat

In other news…. can we talk about dinner that I made tonight?

First I would like to thank Julie for the inspiration!!! She posted about her recipe for the second time this week and I decided to need to try it! What is this exactly?! Oven Roasted Chicken!!!!

It is funny that I have never made this… considering I have made 5 Turkeys and 1 Turducken in my day… so a simple roasted chicken should have been nothing!

I looked at the recipe Julie used from All Recipes… but then forgot to buy any of the veggies that it calls for… I am such a winner.. so instead I made up my own!

What you need:

1 whole roaster chicken

1 or 2 sprigs of rosemary

2 tsp olive oil

1/4 c chicken broth

1 clove minced garlic

ground pepper to taste

I put the chicken in a pan, mixed the other ingredients together and poured them under and over the skin. I cooked it at 400 F for 30 min before taking it out and adding cut up potatoes and sweet potatoes also marinated in EVOO, rosemary, and garlic! Then I cooked it for 45 more minutes

OMG SO GOOD… great comfort food and it feeds at least two so if you are riding solo you have leftovers!!! yayayayay! I served the chicken and veggies with green beans!

yum yum yum such a great, filling dinner! Now I am off to work on a paper!!! Cya in da morning!

Have you made a roasted chicken or turkey before? Whats your favorite recipe?

Do you get super emotionally involved in television?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Pep Talk Tuesday: You Got A Friend In Me

I would like to begin this post by saying… I hate Puppy Chow.. or well actually I LOVE it.. but I hate it because I can’t stop eating it because it is so delicious and small so I think it is ok to eat a million handfuls at 10:53 am in the morning… the saving grace is that I am sharing it with classmates who have helped devour over half of a HUGE bag in 2 hours… gross… we are all gross… because it is absurdly early to be eating all this junk… it is my fault for making it but whatever!

Soo welcome to my second official Pep Talk Tuesday! Today I wanted to talk about something extremely important in my life, and I believe a central part of most others lives as well.. Friendship

Throughout my life I have moved many times, and unfortunately other than a few family friends, do not have many friends from when I lived in Illinois, Denver, or Maryland. I do of course still have my closest friend from when I lived in Michigan… somehow we can’t get away from each other 😉 Love you Con Con

However I since high school I have come to value all of the friendships that I have developed and sustained through those high school, college, and now post-grad life. At one point or another there have been friends whom I thought would be in my life forever and are no longer a large part of my life, but the brief part that they played still impacted who I am, and what I wanted out of that point in my life. I treasure everyone who has come through my life, even if it was just passing through. There are also people that I knew from the beginning I would be close to from the beginning. For example, I always knew that my friend Hadbav would be my roommate, and one of my best friends throughout college. Through thick and thin we had each others back.. even from far away and I will always cherish her as part of my life! My friend Kathleen as well, was someone I knew from the start would be a huge part of my life here in Denver, and I am so glad that we have had the chance to become so close… even through sometimes I am a crazy person.

There are also the friends who are my family, like my DPHIE family, Big, Littles, and other sisters who are as part of me as my actual family. Friends like Emma who is my mirror on our ridiculous lives, who has sat with me at my lowest and understood when I was a brat, or Erica who constantly tells me what I need to hear- not what I want to hear. My big is my mentor, friend, and idol in how she goes after what she wants and hasn’t allowed herself to settle in her jobs. My littles are my joy, both in entertainment value but also just as the younger sisters I never had. They keep me going, build me up, but also teach me things I wouldn’t have learned without them. Before them I had Kendall, my younger sister from England, my partner in crime in swimming and other high school/post high school events. Her family has become mine and even though we are miles apart now in distance and stage of life, when we talk it lights up my day!

In my life I am lucky enough to have wonderful partners in crime, like Hadbav, Emma, Erica, and of course Twink and Collen. The last two especially have been recently the ying to my yang, and my core here in Denver, like this summer when it was just us here! They have been incredible through out so much in the last few months, and I know that I can always count on them… and I hope they feel the same!! Seriously thank you Collen and Twink… LOVE. In high school it was people like Lauren, Haley, Ally and Lyndsey, people who I am lucky enough to still have in my life even if we don’t see each other all the time or talk every day! I am so lucky to have had these friends who have consistently had my back and vice versa, people who even when we hate each other we still love each other deep down!

There  are also those friends that you live with, that see you daily, for me I have been pretty lucky to have mostly great roommates…. and I have been so lucky to have my current roomie Liza in my life. Liza grounds me in a much needed way, and has been a great board to bounce ideas off of, taste tester, partner in crime, and shoulder to cry on. I respect her so much, and love her to death! LOVE you roomsies

I would also like to thank my friend Taryn, who is my biggest inspiration in school here, and when things get rough. She also is my blogs biggest fan, and a lot of times I write for her. She shows me why I blog, and reminds me why it is important! These kinds of friends, those who show what you do matters are irreplaceable so if you have one or ten don’t let them go!

I also have great guy friends. Guy friends are different than girl friends in that I am usually not going to cry out all my problems to them the way I would say Liza… but in HS I did depend on these boys (Billy, Bryan, Kevin, Mark, Bamster, Dave) for a lot, and here in Denver I have the Conster, Ted, and Ian… and my dear friend Goose from NYC… I love you boys just as much as the girls and am lucky to have you all in my life!

Basically the point of this Pep Talk is to remind you of the different roles people can play.. and that friends are something to hold on to no matter what. It is also to recognize the loves of my life, and to let them know how much i need/appreciate/and love them to the end of the world. Value your friends, don’t underestimate them. I often times close up and forget that my friends are there for me, and I should share, because if I don’t then I am shutting them out NOT the other way around. When you close yourself off- you do exactly that- you isolate yourselves and those who could lift you up and bring another perspective don’t get the chance to do that, and so your life will never change for the better. Sometimes you are gonna piss people off, but if the love and trust and basis of a great relationship is there, those people aren’t going anywhere.. sometimes people just need space.
And now I will end this as I end all Pep Talk Tuesdays, with some Pinterest Quotes!! Enjoyyyy

So tell your friends you love them!!! Have a great Tuesday every one!!!

What are your friends like? Do you have one main group, or a lot of spread out groups?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

“Have You Heard About THAT Team?” Rivalries in the NFC North

Hey y’all!! Here is a sport post to get you through the morning before Pep Talk Tuesday!! As usual it is about football… and of course features the Bears.. surprise, surprise I know! But I thought it was a good post that I blogged on the DU Sports Psych Blog so I wanted to share it with you guys!!!

First I wanted to start with a review of the divisions and rivalries in the NFL!

Intra-divisional: Games between opponents in the same NFL division. Since 2002, there are 32 teams in 8 divisions of 4 teams each. Each team plays each division opponent twice during the regular season (once at home, once away) for a total of 6 regular season games out of 16 total games. Thus, every NFL team, regardless of its age, could fairly be said to have at least 3 primary rivals. Occasionally, two teams will play 3 times in a year if they meet again in the playoffs.

Inter-divisional: Games between opponents in different divisions but within the same conference. Teams do not play a given inter-divisional opponent more than once during the regular season, however they may meet again for a second time in the playoffs. The NFL schedules divisions to play against each other on a rotating basis, so that every team from one division will play every team from another division, for a total of 4 games per team. Each team will also play 1 team from each of the remaining 2 divisions within the conference that finished in the same divisional standing position in the prior year – for a grand total of 12 intra-conference games. Conference games are often important, as a team’s record in common games, as well as its overall record against its conference, is sometimes used as a tiebreaker for playoff seeding at the end of the regular season. Also, many regular season opponents have met again in the playoffs, and the result of a regular season game can affect where the playoff game will be played

Inter-conference: Games between opponents in different conferences. Teams do not play a given inter-conference opponent more than once during the season unless they were to meet up in the Superbowl. The NFL schedules inter-conference divisions to play each other on a rotating basis similar to the one described above.

Now to the important rivalries… those in the NFC North

Rivalries in the NFL date back to the 1920s, starting of course with my boys the Chicago Bears and the now Arizona Cardinals. The oldest running rivalry is also carried by the Bears and the Packers, a rivalry which is still fierce today.With 182 regular season and post season games, Chicago currently leads the all-time series, 92–84–6. This rivalry has been dubbed a respectful rivalry between the players, where they can chat before and after the game to rib each other in a friendly, joking way. Cutler and Rodgers, very different QB’s to be sure have a friendly report as they exchange text messages, and Cutler helped Jordan Rodgers (Aaron’s younger brother) in his transition at Vanderbilt, Cutler’s alma mater.This is a much different rivalry then say the Steelers-Ravens.
The Vikings and the Lions also make up the NFC North, and the Vikings have fierce rivalries with both the Bears and the Packers that go back to when the Vikings joined the NFC North in1961 as an expansion team. In the first Vikings-Bears game, the Vikings stunned the Bears 37-13. This is a home-team wins kind of rivalry, and fans can expect thriller games with huge swings. In one example, the Bears were able to erase a 13 point Viking lead in less than 2 minutes. It is never a boring game when these two get together. The Vikings and Packers have been known to be one of the most intense rivalries in the NFL as a whole. These teams are often in contention for the conference title, and the games are often very close. As with the rest of the NFC North, the proximity of all of these teams cause them to be rivals in other sports as well.
Recently, the Lions  have  become a player in the NFC north after years of being overlooked by the bigger rivalries between The Vikings, Packers, and the Bears. It is interesting because the Lions have a reputation of being a team of “thugs” perhaps because Detroit itself is the most dangerous city in America. Fans of Bears, Packers, Vikings and non NFC North Teams see players like Ndamukong Suh who has had controversy over a dirty player because of illegal hits and had to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this season, and dub them a team of thugs. On the flip side, Suh is an ambassador for Detroit, as well as an incredible player who has received a number of awards both in his college and professional career and has become an inspiration in the city. It is interesting then how players and teams can be seen by their rivals. In fact, the Lions have had an incredible season and have really picked themselves up after years of being behind and the 08 season where they went without a win. I may not like them.. but I have to respect what they done as a team to rebuild and become better than ever.
Rivalry games also ignite teams. No one wants to lose to their big rivals, and in the upcoming weeks we will see more NFC North showdowns where the teams clash for the second time this season. The Packers and the Vikings and the Bears and Lions will face off Sunday to see if the Bears and Vikings can get vengeance for their losses earlier this season.
An interesting thing in these rivalries is that often the fans are worse than the players. Fans of these teams are extremely loyal and extremely dislike the other NFC North teams simply due to the historic rivalries that exist. In last night’s game, a friend of mine who is a Lions fan went as far to tweet encouragement to the Eagles… which is a travesty! Although as a Bears fan I would probably do the same thing. I did cry when the Packers beat the Bears in the NFC Championship last season… and am quite feisty when watching games…. seriously its actually little embarrassing how much I get into it… Which is why I need more friends who are Bears fans!
Hope you guys find this interesting and I hope I didn’t offend anyone!! Football is such a big part of my life right now I wanted to share this part with you guys… which I do often anyways buttttt whatever!
Stop in later for a GREAT Pep Talk Tuesday!!
What is your favorite NFL rivalry?
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

First Video Post!!! And DAAA BEARS!

Happy Monday Everbody!!!!


yes that is OBVIOUSLY the most important part of today

Second is my first Video post!!!! Yea sorry in advanced that I have the attention span of a doughnut
Annyyywayyy I wanted to share with you guys the chili I made last night!

I got the recipe from my friend Kathleen and tweaked a little but OMG…. SOOOO SOO SOO SOOS OSO good!!!

Best Turkey Chili

3 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided

1 1/2 pounds ground turkey

1 (1 ounce) package taco seasoning mix

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 teaspoon chili pepper flakes

2 tablespoons tomato paste

1 (14.5 ounce) can beef broth

1 (7 ounce) can salsa (i didn’t use this)

1 (14.5 ounce) can crushed tomatoes, or coarsely chopped tomatoes packed in puree ( I used 2 cans diced tomatoes)

1 (7 ounce) can chopped green chile peppers (I used Rotel diced tomatoes and chilis)

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1 green bell pepper, diced (I used 1 red and 1 orange pepper)

3 medium zucchini, halved lengthwise and sliced

1 bag frozen corn

2 cans black beans

1 bunch green onions, chopped

1 cup sour cream ( I topped with guacamole instead)

1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large stock pot over medium-high heat. Crumble turkey into the pot, stirring with a wooden spoon to break apart as much as possible. Season with taco seasoning mix, coriander, oregano, chili flakes, and tomato paste, and mix until meat is evenly coated with seasonings. I added the onions in here and cked them with the meat. Continue cooking, reducing heat if necessary, until turkey is well browned. Pour in beef broth, and simmer to reduce liquid slightly, about 5 minutes. Add salsa (if using), beer, tomatoes, and green chilies, and continue cooking at a moderate simmer for ten minutes. Adjust the thickness at any time you feel necessary by adding water.Add peppers, zucchini, beans and corn and simmer. Ladle chili into serving bowls. Top with sour cream, green onion, and cheddar cheese, and serve.

This was amazing and healthy because it is chock full of veggies and turkey instead of ground beef!
My pictures don’t do this justice so no pics for now… but trust me… best chili ever!!!!

Ok now off to focus on this game… the Eagles just freaking scored and  I AM NOT HAPPY about it. Ugh.. this jerky guy in my class today got all up in my grill about how the Bears might as well give up for the rest of the season… um thanks but no thanks for you opinion buster… also the season isn’t over until the fat lady sings… and the Bears have more to give I JUST KNOW IT… so suck it


sorry…. I get a tad heated about my boys… reason number 567890251 I am considering moving back to Chicago after I graduate
Sighh I just love him

Yea… like I have said… I just love the Bears… like I really do love them more than any other team… except maybe the Bulls… we shall see…. I just neeeeeed a W tonight especially going back up against the formidable Detroit Lions next Sunday… YESSS TOUCHDONWNNNNNNNNNNNN YEAAA BUDDYYY

oy yes I realize I am the most utterly ridiculous human on the planet anyways… I will see you guys tomorrow for Pep Talk Tuesday!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

I got Froyo-ed!

Yes…that is right… Today I got FRO-YOed!!!!! What is that you ask? well it is when someone throws FROYO on your car!!!!!!! I KNOW!!! who would waste perfectly good froyo by throwing it on someones car????

So gross and rude!

Today was my rest day.. soo no new workouts today but my dinner was super yummy today!

I had bought a chicken breast stuffed with wild rice this weekend at Whole Foods and finally made it today! Yay for pre made food…. sooo yummy!

I served it with a sweet potato that I microwaved and some steamed spinach! healthy and delicious!!!

Im watching Private Practice… and it showcases crazy parents… whyyyyy do parents put this pressure on their children?

yea sidenote… ok im gonna peace out! have a good night


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Tis the season?


It is sosososososo cold here! And it snowed again!! It is like a new Wednesday trend? hahaha.. but seriously it definitely feels like November… in fact it actually looks and feels like December! Today Liza started listening to Christmas music… and the we both browsed the Bieber Christmas album…..Umm the Biebs has raps with Busta Ryhmes and has songs with Mariah and Boys II Men… such a baller.. but I am not loving all the songs….. toooo pop-y/he sounds 12

In other news STARBUCKS RED CUPS ARE BACK!!!! not only that but their holiday drinks are too! Yesterday I enjoyed my first skinny gingerbread latte of the season! This reminded me of high school  when I used to go to Starbucks with my momma for gingerbread lattes! My mom counts down the days till the Holiday Season at starbucks and it is one of my favorite things!!

ANNNDD the most exciting seasonal thing thus far.. yesterday I was able to create the FB invite for Liza and My annual Friendsgiving!!!! We have a friends thanksgiving dinner the weekend before actual thanksgiving.. and I make a Turducken! Ahhh I am so excited! Stay tuned for lots of Thanksgiving themed recipes!

Back tracking to Monday night, I had a FALLL meal.. aka Stuffed Pumpkin! I hollowed out a mini pumpkin and filled it with turkey sausage, brown rice,pesto, red peppers, spinach, and provolone cheese!! SOOO yummy and it was perfect for Halloween!

Tonight I had the yummiest dinner that I got from surprise… Iowa Girl Eats! Pan Fried Gnocchi!!!! OMGOMG Thank you Kristin!!!! SOOOOO delicious!

Basically sautee prepackaged gnocchi with garlic and olive oil. Once gnocchi have browned add pesto (for once I didn’t  make my own… oops) and grape tomatoes! I also added in ground turkey and chicken sausage for added protein!

Please try this.. it was sososososos delicious, crispy crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with pesto and tomatoes and some provolone cheese!!!

Delicious dinner! And now I am off to read/go to bed… it is the first wednesday I am not baking in like 3 weeks but I just have no energy to bake right  now… SORRYY class!!!

Have you done anything that is getting close to the holiday season yet?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Pep Talk Tuesday!

I am SO happy it is no longer October! Seriously October was a silly over emotional brat of a month and I hope November is MUCH better! It will help that I only have two and a half weeks of class left and then I can focus on Doc apps and ya know de-stress majorly from this ridiculous quarter.

Annyywayysss today during the break between classes we were talking about relationships, specifically asking someone to be in a relationship type things! My friend needed help brainstorming ways to ask her significant other out, and so we all got our cutesy relationship hats on to help her! This is something I am very very very good at because despite my lack of a love life, I love romantic gushy stuff for other people! This got me thinking back to proms and such when people would ask in funny/cute ways!

The best way I ever got asked was to homecoming my senior year! My boyfriend at the time lived in Texas and I met him through my friend Jenna who had moved to Houston. Her mom was our chemistry teacher before they moved and was really good friends with my AP Bio teacher. One day during class I noticed everyone awing and of course I was oblivious to it until they said “Megan look up” and there on the slides was a picture of a rose and “Megan will you go to homecoming with me, Love Taylor”… It was adorable and so creative!!! I went to my first and only homecoming in Texas and it was so fun!

In college I asked my bf to Semi-Formal in a cheesy cute way by spelling Semi? in cookies on his bed… yea it was awesome… and I am corny but it’s fun!  At my high school it was the thing to do to ask in creative ways after Laguna Beach set the precedent… my friend Dave asked our friend by embedding “will you go to prom with me?” in the opening credits of an episode of the OC that he burned on a disc!

Basically I just love cheesy stuff…. and it distracts me from the fact that I am alone.. again.. and yeaaa I like to hear about other peoples love stories! Just ask my bff Nicole… I cry every time I tell people the story of her and her bf… its just so darn cute!

yea... they win cutest couple

And it gives me hope that eventually I will settle down and stop  striking out/picking the wrong person/ making the wrong choices when I have a choice. I try not to talk about relationship stuff here.. because well the one time I did kind of bit me in the nose, however lately it has been kind of an emo thing, what with at least 5 of my friends recently engaged, but also many people breaking up… and so I wanted to kind of use this post as inspiration, to focus on the cute parts of relationships.. and kind of reframe my own thinking! That is what these quotes will be about.. reframing and inspiration! Because you know what.. everything happens for a reason.. and being alone can actually be really fun and beneficial. Recently I had to read a self help book for a class and it really stuck with me. It is all about living in the moment and accepting yourself, and letting go of the past! Carrying on to that pain is never good, and how can anyone love you if you don’t love yourself! Sooo take some time today and love yourself,, no matter what your relationship status is… do something cute and cheesy for you.. to remind yourself that you are your own best friend, and whoever you are you are fantastic!

Ok now I will leave you with cute Pinterest quotes… because it is PEP TALK TUESDAY! I have noticed that lately I talk about touchy things on Tuesday followed by quotes… soooo here ya go! That and my lunch salad today was gross so I don’t want to blog about it!

 this one makes me laugh and reminds me of so many people!

Okkk hope that this doesn’t 1. make me seem like a bitter old troll! 2. seem too emo/weepy/lame 3. make anyone uncomfortable!!

Now I am off to class.. no blogging in class this week!!!

Tell me about your relationships!!! Cute stories, engagement stories etc!!


Peace, Love and be Sperry!!


Or Lameoween ahhaha! Halloween is usually my favorite day of the year… I go all out on halloweekend and it is usually a mess! This year however due to the mass amount to work laying down on us, it was a quiet weekend! Liza and I went to a halloween party on Friday, where I donned a quick make shift Jackie O/60s Housewife costume thanks to the brilliant Lily Pulitzer shift I happen to own that in fact does make me look like a 60s housewife hahahaha

It was really fun and Liza and I were in bed by 11:45 because we are cool like that! Saturday was spent crafting my halloween costume for festivities that were supposed to be last night but alas fell through, and doing work! I was almost peer pressured into going out with ConCon but I resisted and was able to do work on doc apps sooo yay me!

Yesterday I made lots of Halloween treats including Halloween Rice Krispy Treats from Brach’s and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod!!! yummmmmmmm

Tonight I donned my FLAMINGO costume in order to go to a haunted house! I am a bit disappointed I didn’t get to show it off at a party since I spent so much time on it but oh well ! The Haunted House was fun and not too long or gory but just right!

Now I am off to sleep off the lb of Swedish Fish I have eaten in the past two days as well as akk the other sugary junk I have put in my body! noooo more sugar for quite some time I am thinking! I am candied out!

I will leave you with past pictures of Halloween Costumes!

Hercules Muses

retro athlete




slumber party

In retrospect looking back.. I am pretty clever when it comes to costumes… at least in the past several years I have been! The Tornado was definitely my favorite but I think the Paparazzi was pretty good too and the slumber party!! Next year I want to be a Vegas Wedding! Yea… I plan my costumes a year in advanced… what can I say it is my favorite holiday!!!

Happy Halloween!

What did you dress up as? 

Do you like to buy your costumes or make them? The muse costume which was one of two costumes my sophomore year was the only costume I have ever bought! But I added my own touches to it!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!