Or Lameoween ahhaha! Halloween is usually my favorite day of the year… I go all out on halloweekend and it is usually a mess! This year however due to the mass amount to work laying down on us, it was a quiet weekend! Liza and I went to a halloween party on Friday, where I donned a quick make shift Jackie O/60s Housewife costume thanks to the brilliant Lily Pulitzer shift I happen to own that in fact does make me look like a 60s housewife hahahaha

It was really fun and Liza and I were in bed by 11:45 because we are cool like that! Saturday was spent crafting my halloween costume for festivities that were supposed to be last night but alas fell through, and doing work! I was almost peer pressured into going out with ConCon but I resisted and was able to do work on doc apps sooo yay me!

Yesterday I made lots of Halloween treats including Halloween Rice Krispy Treats from Brach’s and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod!!! yummmmmmmm

Tonight I donned my FLAMINGO costume in order to go to a haunted house! I am a bit disappointed I didn’t get to show it off at a party since I spent so much time on it but oh well ! The Haunted House was fun and not too long or gory but just right!

Now I am off to sleep off the lb of Swedish Fish I have eaten in the past two days as well as akk the other sugary junk I have put in my body! noooo more sugar for quite some time I am thinking! I am candied out!

I will leave you with past pictures of Halloween Costumes!

Hercules Muses

retro athlete




slumber party

In retrospect looking back.. I am pretty clever when it comes to costumes… at least in the past several years I have been! The Tornado was definitely my favorite but I think the Paparazzi was pretty good too and the slumber party!! Next year I want to be a Vegas Wedding! Yea… I plan my costumes a year in advanced… what can I say it is my favorite holiday!!!

Happy Halloween!

What did you dress up as? 

Do you like to buy your costumes or make them? The muse costume which was one of two costumes my sophomore year was the only costume I have ever bought! But I added my own touches to it!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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