Pep Talk Tuesday!

I am SO happy it is no longer October! Seriously October was a silly over emotional brat of a month and I hope November is MUCH better! It will help that I only have two and a half weeks of class left and then I can focus on Doc apps and ya know de-stress majorly from this ridiculous quarter.

Annyywayysss today during the break between classes we were talking about relationships, specifically asking someone to be in a relationship type things! My friend needed help brainstorming ways to ask her significant other out, and so we all got our cutesy relationship hats on to help her! This is something I am very very very good at because despite my lack of a love life, I love romantic gushy stuff for other people! This got me thinking back to proms and such when people would ask in funny/cute ways!

The best way I ever got asked was to homecoming my senior year! My boyfriend at the time lived in Texas and I met him through my friend Jenna who had moved to Houston. Her mom was our chemistry teacher before they moved and was really good friends with my AP Bio teacher. One day during class I noticed everyone awing and of course I was oblivious to it until they said “Megan look up” and there on the slides was a picture of a rose and “Megan will you go to homecoming with me, Love Taylor”… It was adorable and so creative!!! I went to my first and only homecoming in Texas and it was so fun!

In college I asked my bf to Semi-Formal in a cheesy cute way by spelling Semi? in cookies on his bed… yea it was awesome… and I am corny but it’s fun!  At my high school it was the thing to do to ask in creative ways after Laguna Beach set the precedent… my friend Dave asked our friend by embedding “will you go to prom with me?” in the opening credits of an episode of the OC that he burned on a disc!

Basically I just love cheesy stuff…. and it distracts me from the fact that I am alone.. again.. and yeaaa I like to hear about other peoples love stories! Just ask my bff Nicole… I cry every time I tell people the story of her and her bf… its just so darn cute!

yea... they win cutest couple

And it gives me hope that eventually I will settle down and stop  striking out/picking the wrong person/ making the wrong choices when I have a choice. I try not to talk about relationship stuff here.. because well the one time I did kind of bit me in the nose, however lately it has been kind of an emo thing, what with at least 5 of my friends recently engaged, but also many people breaking up… and so I wanted to kind of use this post as inspiration, to focus on the cute parts of relationships.. and kind of reframe my own thinking! That is what these quotes will be about.. reframing and inspiration! Because you know what.. everything happens for a reason.. and being alone can actually be really fun and beneficial. Recently I had to read a self help book for a class and it really stuck with me. It is all about living in the moment and accepting yourself, and letting go of the past! Carrying on to that pain is never good, and how can anyone love you if you don’t love yourself! Sooo take some time today and love yourself,, no matter what your relationship status is… do something cute and cheesy for you.. to remind yourself that you are your own best friend, and whoever you are you are fantastic!

Ok now I will leave you with cute Pinterest quotes… because it is PEP TALK TUESDAY! I have noticed that lately I talk about touchy things on Tuesday followed by quotes… soooo here ya go! That and my lunch salad today was gross so I don’t want to blog about it!

 this one makes me laugh and reminds me of so many people!

Okkk hope that this doesn’t 1. make me seem like a bitter old troll! 2. seem too emo/weepy/lame 3. make anyone uncomfortable!!

Now I am off to class.. no blogging in class this week!!!

Tell me about your relationships!!! Cute stories, engagement stories etc!!


Peace, Love and be Sperry!!


2 thoughts on “Pep Talk Tuesday!

  1. It was “christmas dance” time which meant girls had to ask boys and I used to date this guy who ALWAYS parked illegally at school. So to ask him to the dance, I put a fake parking ticket on this car. He totally thought that it was real at first!

  2. So I know I commented to you in class today but I thought it was important to let you know how much your blog post stuck with me throughout my day today. I felt a little sad when I first started reading it because you were telling all these sweet and amazing stories of being asked out to by guys in the most creative ways and I have never had that experience. I have never been asked out creatively by a guy or have any special stories like that and it is actually one of things that I am most self conscious about. I don’t have a problem being single and I am not desperate or anything but part of me really wants those special experiences. Then i got part way through and your little pep talk about accepting yourself and loving who you are in the moment combined with all the interest quotes made me feel like I could accept myself and helped me to feel better about the situation.
    I love the quote about letting your past make you better rather than bitter…. so true.
    Thank you again- wise one =)

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