Tis the season?


It is sosososososo cold here! And it snowed again!! It is like a new Wednesday trend? hahaha.. but seriously it definitely feels like November… in fact it actually looks and feels like December! Today Liza started listening to Christmas music… and the we both browsed the Bieber Christmas album…..Umm the Biebs has raps with Busta Ryhmes and has songs with Mariah and Boys II Men… such a baller.. but I am not loving all the songs….. toooo pop-y/he sounds 12

In other news STARBUCKS RED CUPS ARE BACK!!!! not only that but their holiday drinks are too! Yesterday I enjoyed my first skinny gingerbread latte of the season! This reminded me of high school  when I used to go to Starbucks with my momma for gingerbread lattes! My mom counts down the days till the Holiday Season at starbucks and it is one of my favorite things!!

ANNNDD the most exciting seasonal thing thus far.. yesterday I was able to create the FB invite for Liza and My annual Friendsgiving!!!! We have a friends thanksgiving dinner the weekend before actual thanksgiving.. and I make a Turducken! Ahhh I am so excited! Stay tuned for lots of Thanksgiving themed recipes!

Back tracking to Monday night, I had a FALLL meal.. aka Stuffed Pumpkin! I hollowed out a mini pumpkin and filled it with turkey sausage, brown rice,pesto, red peppers, spinach, and provolone cheese!! SOOO yummy and it was perfect for Halloween!

Tonight I had the yummiest dinner that I got from surprise… Iowa Girl Eats! Pan Fried Gnocchi!!!! OMGOMG Thank you Kristin!!!! SOOOOO delicious!

Basically sautee prepackaged gnocchi with garlic and olive oil. Once gnocchi have browned add pesto (for once I didn’t  make my own… oops) and grape tomatoes! I also added in ground turkey and chicken sausage for added protein!

Please try this.. it was sososososos delicious, crispy crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with pesto and tomatoes and some provolone cheese!!!

Delicious dinner! And now I am off to read/go to bed… it is the first wednesday I am not baking in like 3 weeks but I just have no energy to bake right  now… SORRYY class!!!

Have you done anything that is getting close to the holiday season yet?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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