I got Froyo-ed!

Yes…that is right… Today I got FRO-YOed!!!!! What is that you ask? well it is when someone throws FROYO on your car!!!!!!! I KNOW!!! who would waste perfectly good froyo by throwing it on someones car????

So gross and rude!

Today was my rest day.. soo no new workouts today but my dinner was super yummy today!

I had bought a chicken breast stuffed with wild rice this weekend at Whole Foods and finally made it today! Yay for pre made food…. sooo yummy!

I served it with a sweet potato that I microwaved and some steamed spinach! healthy and delicious!!!

Im watching Private Practice… and it showcases crazy parents… whyyyyy do parents put this pressure on their children?

yea sidenote… ok im gonna peace out! have a good night


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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