Pep Talk Tuesday: You Got A Friend In Me

I would like to begin this post by saying… I hate Puppy Chow.. or well actually I LOVE it.. but I hate it because I can’t stop eating it because it is so delicious and small so I think it is ok to eat a million handfuls at 10:53 am in the morning… the saving grace is that I am sharing it with classmates who have helped devour over half of a HUGE bag in 2 hours… gross… we are all gross… because it is absurdly early to be eating all this junk… it is my fault for making it but whatever!

Soo welcome to my second official Pep Talk Tuesday! Today I wanted to talk about something extremely important in my life, and I believe a central part of most others lives as well.. Friendship

Throughout my life I have moved many times, and unfortunately other than a few family friends, do not have many friends from when I lived in Illinois, Denver, or Maryland. I do of course still have my closest friend from when I lived in Michigan… somehow we can’t get away from each other 😉 Love you Con Con

However I since high school I have come to value all of the friendships that I have developed and sustained through those high school, college, and now post-grad life. At one point or another there have been friends whom I thought would be in my life forever and are no longer a large part of my life, but the brief part that they played still impacted who I am, and what I wanted out of that point in my life. I treasure everyone who has come through my life, even if it was just passing through. There are also people that I knew from the beginning I would be close to from the beginning. For example, I always knew that my friend Hadbav would be my roommate, and one of my best friends throughout college. Through thick and thin we had each others back.. even from far away and I will always cherish her as part of my life! My friend Kathleen as well, was someone I knew from the start would be a huge part of my life here in Denver, and I am so glad that we have had the chance to become so close… even through sometimes I am a crazy person.

There are also the friends who are my family, like my DPHIE family, Big, Littles, and other sisters who are as part of me as my actual family. Friends like Emma who is my mirror on our ridiculous lives, who has sat with me at my lowest and understood when I was a brat, or Erica who constantly tells me what I need to hear- not what I want to hear. My big is my mentor, friend, and idol in how she goes after what she wants and hasn’t allowed herself to settle in her jobs. My littles are my joy, both in entertainment value but also just as the younger sisters I never had. They keep me going, build me up, but also teach me things I wouldn’t have learned without them. Before them I had Kendall, my younger sister from England, my partner in crime in swimming and other high school/post high school events. Her family has become mine and even though we are miles apart now in distance and stage of life, when we talk it lights up my day!

In my life I am lucky enough to have wonderful partners in crime, like Hadbav, Emma, Erica, and of course Twink and Collen. The last two especially have been recently the ying to my yang, and my core here in Denver, like this summer when it was just us here! They have been incredible through out so much in the last few months, and I know that I can always count on them… and I hope they feel the same!! Seriously thank you Collen and Twink… LOVE. In high school it was people like Lauren, Haley, Ally and Lyndsey, people who I am lucky enough to still have in my life even if we don’t see each other all the time or talk every day! I am so lucky to have had these friends who have consistently had my back and vice versa, people who even when we hate each other we still love each other deep down!

There  are also those friends that you live with, that see you daily, for me I have been pretty lucky to have mostly great roommates…. and I have been so lucky to have my current roomie Liza in my life. Liza grounds me in a much needed way, and has been a great board to bounce ideas off of, taste tester, partner in crime, and shoulder to cry on. I respect her so much, and love her to death! LOVE you roomsies

I would also like to thank my friend Taryn, who is my biggest inspiration in school here, and when things get rough. She also is my blogs biggest fan, and a lot of times I write for her. She shows me why I blog, and reminds me why it is important! These kinds of friends, those who show what you do matters are irreplaceable so if you have one or ten don’t let them go!

I also have great guy friends. Guy friends are different than girl friends in that I am usually not going to cry out all my problems to them the way I would say Liza… but in HS I did depend on these boys (Billy, Bryan, Kevin, Mark, Bamster, Dave) for a lot, and here in Denver I have the Conster, Ted, and Ian… and my dear friend Goose from NYC… I love you boys just as much as the girls and am lucky to have you all in my life!

Basically the point of this Pep Talk is to remind you of the different roles people can play.. and that friends are something to hold on to no matter what. It is also to recognize the loves of my life, and to let them know how much i need/appreciate/and love them to the end of the world. Value your friends, don’t underestimate them. I often times close up and forget that my friends are there for me, and I should share, because if I don’t then I am shutting them out NOT the other way around. When you close yourself off- you do exactly that- you isolate yourselves and those who could lift you up and bring another perspective don’t get the chance to do that, and so your life will never change for the better. Sometimes you are gonna piss people off, but if the love and trust and basis of a great relationship is there, those people aren’t going anywhere.. sometimes people just need space.
And now I will end this as I end all Pep Talk Tuesdays, with some Pinterest Quotes!! Enjoyyyy

So tell your friends you love them!!! Have a great Tuesday every one!!!

What are your friends like? Do you have one main group, or a lot of spread out groups?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


One thought on “Pep Talk Tuesday: You Got A Friend In Me

  1. Thank you for writing this…. thank you for being you…thank you for your wise words….thank you for being an inspiration…thank you for being an amazing friend… and thank you for being in my life. ❤
    This post once again made me feel connected with you and all the similar experiences we share- what with moving so many times. I love my friends and have amazing people in my life but I think moving so many times gives a person very different experiences in the area of friendship than someone who has lived somewhere their whole life.
    I know I have spoken about it a little bit, but I have had some difficult experiences with friends in my lifetime. And thought I have lost friends, had disagreements, fights, and most recently a traumatic experience with bullying- through all of it I have gained new amazing friends and learned who the people are that I can trust, run to as a shoulder to cry on or run to when I need a good laugh.
    I am honored to say that you have become such a close friend. And once again, reading this blog has given me faith that there are wonderful friends out there- people like you- who I can trust- despite it being such a difficult thing for me.
    Keep up the inspiring blog posts… I love pep talk tuesday… and I love you for being an amazing individual and I love you for being my friend.

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