Game Day!

ITSSS GAMEDAY!!! Yay! Yesterday was game day too.. and not only did I watch games… I went to a game!! Collen, Twink, and I went to Boulder for the U of A- CU game! Collen and Liza went to U of A and baby bro Kev goes to Boulder so I was quite divided however Collen piled on the peer pressure and Twink and I adorned ourselves in U of A gear!!

We got there nice and early in order to tailgate in what was probably the windiest place I have ever been in my life! We braved the wind however in order to make new friends and attempt to grill on my baby grill! When that failed our new friends came to the rescue and let us use their grill! People are so friendly on game day… it probably helped that I shared homemade puppy chow and coffee cake with them! 😉 We left our makeshift tailgate to find Liza and her U of A friends at their tailgate before heading to the game!

Finally it was game time! I was excited as this was my second actual college football game in my life! I have tailgated for two but we never actually went to the game after tailgating! I spent the first half with Twink and Collen, before we got separated and I found Kev and joined him in the CU student section… yea at first this did not bode well with fans because I was in Arizona gear… oops but it was highly entertaining and CU won their first conference game so it was exciting to be in the student section for that!

After the game we had planned on staying in Boulder and going out, however we were exhausted! We opted for pizza and watching Stanford-Oregon game with Kev and his roommate Andrew before heading back to Denver! It was a great day spent with some of my favorite people!

Now I am relaxing and watching the Bears game and attempting to do work! Enjoy your NFL Sunday!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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