Pep Talk Tuesday: Accepting Yourself.. good bad and ugly!

Today I have writers block… there a few different topics I want to write about but really… I am just emo for no real reason and at the same time a million real reasons

So my Pep Talk today is about being true to yourself… not just the you in public.. but every single part of you.. even the itty bitty bitchy parts that come out when you are alone and having a pity party on your own.. not that that ever happens… and certainly not with wine….

I am pretty open here…. I share a lot because that is me.. I am for the most part an open book.. and I wear my emotions on my sleeve…. my friend Ted often tells me that he has never met any one who does that as much as I do… I don’t always know that it is a good thing.. but it also isn’t a horrible thing. However it is something I definitely want to work on… because really sometimes people don’t need to know when you are upset or you know that you think they are being idiotic and should probably never talk again… that can stay in your head…

I am not perfect, none of us are… and lately I have been spectacularly imperfect. Because it has been an EXTREMELY difficult quarter… I have had more work than I am used to, doc apps which include figuring out my future, and potentially another move, and other changes like people coming and going and just changes in friendships in general. And I haven’t always dealt with it well… in fact I have had my diva moments that I really do wish I could redo.. mostly for the benefit of the friends that have had to deal with it. But the quarter ends Thursday…  have one more paper due… my apps are almost done.. and for the most part my friends have been the biggest support in my life. Count on your friends… and the people you love… don’t shut them out when you are in  a bad place.. I have done this and it only hurts you in the long run.. they want to be there for you… not have you cut them out because you are afraid of how they will treat you. If they are true friends they will always stay.

Basically I have seen the worst parts of my personality come out lately… however these nasty parts coming out has shown me what I don’t like but also what I love about myself. Sometimes we need the worst to come out to appreciate the beautiful. We can’t be perfect all the time, but we can work on mediating our emotions and doing the necessary self care in order to make sure that when we are so stressed out or in a slump that we have ways of bringing ourselves out of it. Exercise, chatting with friends, napping etc can be so beneficial because it allows us to switch gears and enjoy life.. and maybe come to conclusions about the things that are not so positive. Some of my best thinking happens in the swimming pool when I am in flow and have plenty of endorphins going on in ma head. But also we can’t have perfect lives all the time… because we need the rough spots to appreciate the good… and to make the changes that are necessary at the time.

Sooo… if you are in a slump, or a rough spot… remember who you are and embrace it.. because by reflecting on the good and the bad you can realize the bad and accept it, and remember the good.. remember the parts of you that make you irresistible to people. We tend to make ourselves unhappy because we can’t let things go… LET THINGS GO!!! Your past is in the past… it isn’t coming back, and your future will happen the way it is meant to so ENJOY the PRESENT… be in the now ( I sound like  a self help book) and love yourself for who you are.. because other people love you for who you are… even the bad.. and if they don’t it sucks but its not worth the pain.

Also remember to laugh and smile… it really makes all the difference between a good and bad mood… laughing is more fun than crying anyways. On that note tho don’t not cry.. it is ok to be vulnerable, it is ok to cry… its healthy so do it!

On another note.. once you accept that in yourself.. accept that in others. Don’t hold peoples flaws against them… it is easy to hold grudges because people annoy you or something happens and you view a friend differently. If you have a problem… TALK  IT OUT! Seriously… just having a chat about things can make all the difference and can strengthen a relationship. I am definitely working on this as it is easy for me to allow petty annoyances to rule how I feel about people.. but once you looked past that stuff you can see the real good in them.. and you may be surprised. Also remember you don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors… so don’t judge what you can’t see! (again easier said than done)… but if you need to vent.. do it.. and then let it go

Sorry this pep talk is a little ranty…. I am kind of all over the place today. But yea… basically take home message is you aren’t perfect but you are wonderful… so be the best you can be today


So remember you are beautiful… and you are great.. and you are loved… and so the rough patches, the nasty parts of you… they will come and go.. embrace them and move on…
ok LOVE YOU guys… I promise to be cheerful and bubbly again next time… today I just needed to get all this out
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


One thought on “Pep Talk Tuesday: Accepting Yourself.. good bad and ugly!

  1. I love all the parts of you… that’s why you are my friend. Never be afraid to let any part show- it is part of who you are and the best thing we can do it to accept it and embrace it as a part of who you are.
    “Accept everything about yourself and I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end, no apologies, no regrets”

    And even more importantly,
    Remember that I am always here for you- whether it be for the good, the bad or the ugly.

    Thank you again for another special and inspiring Tuesday post. You are a wise one, Meg =)
    ❤ ya

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