Guess who’s back, back again?

Meg is back, tell a friend!!! Oh hello hey hi how ya der? Miss me? I missed all of youuuuu epic epic epic amounts

Why the two week hiatus then? Well first the good ole Mac died 4 days before my final term paper was due… YAY… so that was a bit of a heart attack situation and took a week to fix… so no bloggy then, and thennnnnn Thanksgiving was hectic hectic and two doc apps were due last Thursday, one tomorrow and one next Thursday….. yea… its been real relaxing and fun up in hur… Despite all of that however it has been a beautiful break so far and finally I get to start relaxing now that all my apps are basically done!! WOot WOot WOot

Sooo lets see what we’ve missed here… FRIENDSGIVING… was an epic success… Liza and I hosted it the weekend before Thanksgiving and 17 of our friends came to celebrate and eat too much food and watch Oregon lose to USC… And I made my second TURDUCKEN!!! I actually video-ed it sooooo you get to watch me… making a Turducken.. please hide the excitement… haha

Also I went SKIING!!!!! With T-Bizzle Bear…. it was magical and snowy and wondrous… and I took a huge spill that left me sore for like 4 days… worth it tho! Now I can’t wait to go up more… and for our family ski vacation in like two weeks… can you believe it… Christmas is like two weeks away… holy moly time is flying!

Ohhh and my lil bro came from cali for Thanksgiving!!! It was good bonding time…. we cooked, ran a Turkey Trot… and he got to experience some of the ridiculosity that is Denver!


Get ready

Wait for it



yes… true story I signed up for my first marathon!!

and then I found out it was the day after my brothers college graduation… so now I am going to run a different one! Probably the Rock N Roll DC marathon on St Pattys day (or st Partys day if you will) which would be amahhhhzng as I would get to spend time with this lil one.. ad my cuz who goes to Georgetown law!!!

ANDDDD last cool thing of break so far?!? I got the yummiest yummiest cookies which were gone in ONE day from the Great Blogger cookie swap!! Check out my blog monday to see the recipe I sent to three lovely and amazing and awesome and beautiful bloggers! Thank you Faith for your delicious smookies!! We all loved them. I had to share because I was afraid I would eat the entire dozen by myself… in one sitting.. with hot chocolate…

yess and now I am on my couch being a bum as I have an awful cold and am trying to beat it out by watching Lord of The Rings…. did I ever mention how cool I am? No? Well obvs the coolest… ever… without question

Ok love you all… thank you for sticking by me even tho I dropped off the map!!


Tell me about your Thanksgiving/December/Life


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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