Special Surprises!

Sooo I started this post on SATURDAY… but I was a little less than functional so it never got past giving it a title… FAIL I know…

anywayss lately I have been full full full of the Christmas spirit!! Maybe it is all the giving and receiving I have done lately!! From the Great Blogger Cookie Swap, to a Blogger Secret Santa I have been able to connect with great new blogger friers and get introduced to new blogs!!!

My secret santa gift? Peppermint Hot Chocolate with the very cutest cups ever!! Thank you secret santa whoever you are!!!

Another super awesome special surprise lately? A BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN AID MIXER!!!! Yes.. that is right! I got home from a date late Friday night and what is waiting by my door but a huge box! What could this be I imagined as I dragged into my apartment? Ahhh the excitement that occurred once I ripped open the box was monumental! But there was no note.. so it was a mystery gift! I called my parentals.. 3 am Denver time= 10 am London time so it was appropriate! Not from them… hmmmm… Unfortunately I was too tired to further investigate… so the next day it became my FB status in order to hopefully get to the bottom of this mystery! Saturday afternoon after being at the pool all morning I was nappy nappy.. when my beautiful friend Emma called to tell me it was HER!!!! She works for the Nate Berkus show and they had leftovers from a giveaway and she sent one to me!!!! Greatest person ever… literally it is so super beautiful and big and awesome and pretty and professional…. can you tell I am a little obsessed?

So basically I love everyone in my life especially little Emma who made my life that much brighter on Saturday!

After being a lazy sleepy munchkin all day I got up and ran my first long run of my marathon training program!!! 9 miles wooo! It was done at 10:26 which considering I have been running under 9 minutes in my shorter runs was slower than usual however it was still great!

After my run I got ready and joined Kathleen and Andrew and their friends from Atlanta and Auburn who were in town for the weekend as well as the rest of the crew!

yea I was repping the holiday spirit … Barry stole a ribbon from the bar, and we both ended up wearing parts of it… win

Last  Wednesday Twink, Collen, and I also had a cookie swap and wine night! We each made cookies  (I forgot mine oops but I brought the wine!) and made Mulled Wine that I found at World Market! It was so yummy and the perfect winter drin

It was simple just warm the wine in a pot with spices.. we used pre packaged tea bags of mulling spices… If you don’t have mulling spices you can check out a bomb homemade recipe on Alyssa’s blog!

Ok now it is time to watch The Holiday and pass out!! Night Night all!

What Christmas-y activities have you been up to?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry! 


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