Living Young, and Wild, and Free

That has been the theme of my last free weekend before classes start back up again! Between the Ski vacation, New Years and yesterdays day/night bowl game watching/birthday party fest I have been living it up!

Yesterday in anticipation of a day of drinking and eating, I ran 10.5 miles as part of my marathon training. I went out at 7am.. and it was COLD we are talking not even 20 degrees out…. I was an icicle but I did it and thanks to the cold my legs were so numb I didn’t even hurt on the hills! I got home and had a big ole cup of hot chocolate to refuel since I wasn’t quite hungry yet but I wanted something in my body! I find sometimes it is hard to eat right after a long run even though I know I need to get food! I have been thinking about this a lot and have decided I need to set myself some sort of nutrition plan for my marathon training.. as someone very interested in nutrition hopefully this won’t be to hard but if you guys have any tips let me know!

After getting ready and watching the Bowl Special of College Gameday, Molly and I went to the Blake Street Tavern which is the Michigan State bar in Denver to watch the Outback Bowl! Connor and his friends were there as well and Collen, Twink and some of their other friends and my friend Jordan met us as well! Molly and I enjoyed Corona Lights and Nachos while watching the game! Nacho’s are obviously the food of choice for post long run! After the game came to an exciting close in the 3rd over time and MSU won we headed over to Swankys which is the Wisconsin bar in order to watch some of the Rose Bowl!

Molly and I left after the 1st quarter in order to go home and get ready for my friend Victoria’s Ugly Sweater birthday party!! We all started at Ted’s in order to catch the party bus that was taking us down town! After the bus we hit up 1Up which is an arcade themed bar which is meh not my have but then we went to Hayters which is the Bears bar so of course I love it haha! The best part of the night was seeing everyone in their different sweaters.. my friends are so creative!

Birthday Girl!


Today Molly and were able to get up and actually be productive and go hiking in Boulder! Unfortunately it was very icy so our hike wasn’t as long as we wold have liked! Then we had lunch at Garbanzo with Kev! Now we are being lazy and watching episodes of the Gilmore Girls! Love this show!

Tomorrow it is back to the real world and a 6 hour class.. blah!

How was your return to the real world?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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