Seven Things about ME!

oh Hello There!

So this morning I had a Venti coffee.. now I am not really a coffee drinker,, it has become a habit in the last like 3 months… so I guess now I am a coffee drinker… regardless a Venti is A LOT of coffee and I’m buzzin buzzin buzzin do do do do do do

yea… enough of that

So this post has been like 4 days in the making.. but my two “relaxing” off days were anything but! Yesterday was filled with meetings, baby-sitting, homework, and consulting! This morning began with an 8 am meeting hence the coffee.. it was hard waking up this morning.. fail

Any whooo the sweetest Liz tagged me in a seven things post sooooo today I am going to share seven things about me!

1. I know every word to basically every song on Blink 182’s Take Off Your Pants and Jacket… and several other songs as well… its actually a little bit absurd… buttt they are my favorite band!

2. I drive a Jeep Liberty.. a car I have wanted to drive since I was 12 and my dad had a Patriot Blue Liberty. I really love it, especially in Denco where an SUV is a bit of a necessity! However I still miss my VW Bug that I drove in high school… I LOVED that car.. her name was Shelby and I had a pink daisy in the little flower holder

3. I love musicals.. when I was younger thats basically I watched… Sadly I am not talented enough to have ever made the cut to be in a musical.. well I never tried in HS because it conflicted with Swimming however I definitely used to dance around my house singing musicals… I mean I still dance around my house now… But my faces were Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, South Pacific, West Side Story, The King and I, Music Man, and Bye Bye Birdie!

4. When I was in HS I wanted to be a journalist really bad, and my main goal was to be the female lead anchor on the Today Show! I idolized Katie Couric… and then I realized I would rather do psych

5.  I really want to write a book… Like really badly. In High school I actually did write one…  or well like 112 pages of a a book detailing sophomore an junior year that my friend Tyler edited during study hall haha. But someday I will write an actual book and it will be Legend… Wait for it… Dary

6. I used to HATE skiing. I would ski but only blues and greens.. if I had to go on a black it was a disaster.. we are talking hysterical crying, taking off my skis and walking down the hill etc. And no not just when I was like 8.. this happened when I was like 16… steep hills terrified me! I was a little bit of a brat when I was younger. So I stopped skiing when I was 17 until now and now I love it again!

7. I really don’t like the treadmill. In fact I have to run today and yesterday it snowed a lot… and I need to do seven miles (sensing a theme today?) but I just really don’t want too!! I get so bored on the treadmill, and yet I can do a long time on the elliptical and be ok! It is an odd odd thing! But really I just want to run outside… unfortunately the sidewalks are still icy and I would rather avoid injury! Tips?

Ok that is seven random things about me so lets hear some things about you!!!!

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Off to run, or elliptical.. haven’t decided yet!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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