Long Weekend!

Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! My day off  yesterday was anything but as I spent the morning/afternoon at a swim meet for my field placement, and then spent a few hours working on a project and doing hw! But I got a lot of school work/masters project/consulting stuff accomplished! Yay! This weekend was busy busy go go go and so I didn’t have time to post.. but I thought today I would do a weekend recap!

On saturday there was an REI event at Rocky Mountain National Park which was a snowshoeing demo! Free snowshoes to try out, a raffle, and other goodies! Kathleen, my friend Jen and her roommate Andrea and I headed up there Saturday morning!

We snowshoed for a little under an hour before heading back down to Boulder for a yummy lunch at the Boulder Gondolier! This was a little restaurant we stumbled upon because we were parked close to it and it smelled delicious to our grumbling stomachs! We got there in time for the lunch special! It included Soup, Salad and Garlic Knots, Sandwich and Salad or a big bowl of Pasta! I got the Minestrone, Spinach Salad and two Garlic Knots!! YUM… I can’t remember the last time I had Garlic Knots and these were certainly worth it!

After we got back,  I got straight to work in the kitchen whipping up snacks for a Playoff get together at Kathleen and Andrews! The Broncos were playing the Patriots so we all got together to watch the game! I made a four layer dip, Clinchy dip, chicken wings and a giant cookie!!

Clinchy dip is an old favorite high school snack that our moms always made for parties! However the original dip is pretty much awful for you so I made a healthier version!

Healthified Clinchy Dip

1 lb Ground Turkey

1 packet Taco Seasoning

1 tab Light Sour Cream

1/2 c Fat Free Cream Cheese

1 c Low Fat Shredded Mexican Cheese

1/2 c Salsa

Cook the ground turkey in a pan, then add the taco seasoning like normal. In a large bowl combine all the other ingredients with the cooked turkey. Transfer to a serving dish and serve with chips!

It doesn’t look good… in fact it looks kind of gross but it is definitely deceiving because it is DELICIOUS!!!

Sunday I got up early to run 10 miles before the first day of the swim meet! Afterwards I had a project meeting ad then it was off to make dinner for Connor and his roommate Dan! I got a recipe the other day and couldn’t wait to try it out! The recipe was for Turkey Sausage and White Bean casserole! I made some changes to the recipe but it was pretty much the best thing ever! Dan and Connor were certainly fans! It was a fun night filled with food, fro yo, and Leap Year… which was cute but SO cheesy… SOOOO cheesy! Oh and wine… We finished a bottle of Chianti… YUM

Today has been spent babysitting and doing lots of work! I also got some exciting news about the future that I will share later!!!!

Tell me about your weekend!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


One thought on “Long Weekend!

  1. Um that dip looks and sounds amazing!! I am really sad football season is over for me, but surely I will find some excuse to make it and have people over … I need people with me so I don’t eat it all myself! Haha.

    Can’t wait to hear this exciting news!

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