Long Run Nutrition!

Good morning! I am about to go for my 15 mile run eeee… which will be a PDR for me yay!!!! Since I haven’t posted in a few days I thought I would shoot out a quickie post about Long Run Nutrition! My wonderful friend Julie who gave me my race plan for my first half so nicely came up with a cheat sheet for long run nutrition that I wanted to share with you!

Long Run Nutrition Plan
7:00am – Get Up! & Eat Breakfast. Goal – 400-500cals
choose foods you can eat on race day (oatmeal, bagel, yogurt & granola, bananas, pb, etc. your meal should be mostly carbohydrates and a little protein
8:30am – Dressed & Ready to Rock! – top off energy w/50-100cals (blocks, drink, banana)
9:00am – RUN!!
12:00pm – Immediately begin Re-fueling (hydrating –something w/ electrolytes) and eating – 200calories right away (chocolate milk, banana, bar, have something ready)
1:00pm – Eat a Recovery Meal. Goal – 400-500calories (carbs & protein)

*Get some Endurolytes – these provide extra salt if you start to cramp and need more electrolytes

Hope this helps anyone else who struggles to get their long run nutrition right!
This morning I had a Gluten Free Tres Pupusa’s Pupusa with a shear of guar and a cup of G2!! I will have half a power bar in a few minutes and I have chocolate milk for post run!!!
I am off… are you running today?
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

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