Osteria Marco, Weekender, and CJG

Happy Monday!!!!

So this  weekend was a blur of life and I was unable to post! First off my 15 miler was a success!!! I did 10 min miles which is about the pace I want for my long runs and hopefully I will go faster in my marathon! Maybe someday I will be a crazy wicked awesome runner like Janae or Alyssa… but not this time ahhahaa

Anyways back tracking back to Friday… and the restaurant I went to!!! My friend Jordan took me out to Osteria Marco on 15th and Larimer to celebrate me getting a PhD Interview!!!!! I told him I really wanted to try Osteria Marco and he came through!

Osteria Marco is an upscale Italian restaurant downtown with an atmosphere that remedied me of NYC and Italy at the same time. Everything here is artisan and they pride themselves on their homemade foods like their Burrata Cheese! Connor did a review on his blog which does Osteria Marco way more justice as he tasted several dishes so for a more comprehensive review check out his site! Also just check it out because it like him is AMAZING! He does great reviews of music, bars, restaurants and other activities in Denver with a creative pithy and witty style! Ch Ch Check it out

Another reason to check out Con Con’s blog? He is applying to the real world 27… yes… its true! Ahhh if anyone would be great on that show it would be him.. and I mean that in the very best way as we all know my life is somewhat akin to a reality show! But seriously this is why he’s one of my best friends because he is not afraid to take chances like the Real World!!!



Now back to Osteria Marco! Jordan and I each got wine- he got the house white, and I got the Nebbiolo…. it was yummmyyy love myself a good Italian red!!!

I was hungry but decided not to get an appetizer and stuck with a main! I got the Lamb Meatballs over polenta with a smoky tomato sauce and the most delicious cheese. OMG this was soooo good… like melt in your mouth over the top delicious! For the first time in a long time however I was unable to finish my meal! It was just so good and filling!

On Saturday morning I got up and did my run, consulted, and then went to meet Collen and Twink to go to the CU-UofA game! We started at the Dark Horse Tavern in Boulder for a U of A tailgate before heading to the game! It went by so fast.. I didn’t even realize it when it ended! CU won by one point.. which Collen was NOT a fan of.. but I was happy as it is almost Baby Bro Kevs 21st bday so it was like they won for him hahaha

We were starving after the game (I did run 15 miles after all) and found a little Mexican restaurant on the Hill in Boulder called Mamacitas… obviously the name was what called us in! We munched on chips and salsa and I got chicken enchiladas for my main! It was good… smaller than I expected and I was still hungry but oh well we had plenty of chips!

After leaving Boulder we hit the bars downtown in Denver in honor of Collen’s last weekend in her apt before she and Twink move in together!

Yesterday I spent most of my morning at the pool before coming home and doing work/watching the playoffs/eating Pei Wei with Liza! it was a good roomie bonding Sunday night!

Today after class I went to Hot Power Fusion in order to get a good sweat and stretch in… and boy did I!!! It is definitely my new go to yoga class because it really does the trick… and I look like I am in a pool.. its really hot.. trust me

Tonight for dinner I whipped up an Amy’s veggie burger topped with Harvati cheese with  a side of sweet potato and orange peppers!

OK now I am going to finish my other blog post for class… and watch  Gossip Girl is on yay!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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