What I Like to Blog About

Its Wednesday!!! Yay although I did not have class yesterday or today sooo my week hasn’t been to filled with class however it has been busy!!!

Last night I went to see Red Tails with my friend Jordan, and it was soo good! I am not entirely sure how historically accurate it is but it definitely was entertaining and anyone who is interested in history esp WWII should go see it! It is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen which was the all black branch of the air force. African Americans were not seen of much use in the army, however these men proved everyone wrong, becoming highly decorated for their success in WWII.

Today I wanted to talk about blog inspiration. When you write a blog, there is pressure to stick to a certain schedule, and map out exactly what you want to say. I am not like that, not at all, while I enjoy having a schedule, sometimes knowing I have to do somethings tresses me out and makes me not want to do it, so with this blog while I try to post every day, I often don’t because honestly somedays there is nothing to say, and just sharing my food or my mileage seems slightly boring sooo I save it till the next day and come up with a better topic!

I am thoughtful, enthusiastic,, and extremely energetic and I like to think that comes through in my writing… I have always wanted to be as honest as possible and let my true personality shine through!

ridiculous human being

For one of my classes we are assigned to blog once a week… for me this is AWFUL mostly because of the subject matter. Each week is something different on assessment… which I am sorry I wouldn’t want to read about let alone make anyone else read about! It is unimaginative and really ends up being kind of a ramble about nothing until I feel it is long enough. It is this having a lac of creative freedom that makes me abhor the blog so much. So I found that because of the blog I have taken a step back from my true love, Eat Drink and be Sperry, mostly because I don’t want to burn out. I love writing, it is freeing, cathartic, and makes me feel like I have something worthwhile to share!

So if I ever seem dull or blagh in my writing let me know and I will spice it up!! In fact I would love to know more of what you want to read, as you are my readers so this blog is for you as much as it is for me!!! Just don’t ask for assessment posts!

Anyway now to share my mileage because I want to hahaha

Today I ran 9 miles woot woot… it was close to 60 degrees today and I actually got hot and sweaty during my run which hasn’t happened in a while since it has been cool enough to keep my body temp relatively stable! However it was sooo nice running in spring like weather so I hope it lasts! I am tired of the snow! On the bright side soon I will be in the warm South!!! Next Thursday I am flying to Houston, and from there going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and then to Athens for my interview!! If any readers are in any of the areas I will be in let me know!!!

Ok off to make myself presentable for work and consulting wheeeeeeee

Also congrats Lindsay and Katelyn on your auditions!!!! You girls are inspiring!!!


Peace, Love and be Sperry!!


One thought on “What I Like to Blog About

  1. Wheee! Thank you lady lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, don’t get caught up in a schedule — just write what comes to you. It’s usually not too difficult because I think I have blog ADD and I always have stuff going through my head, and I literally just post what comes out of my brain. When it comes to you, write it! That’s when the best stuff is made ๐Ÿ™‚

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