Today is a VERY big day in the Mullan family… Baby Bro turns 21 TODAY!!!!!

So this post is a montage to Kev… who is by far one of the funniest, easy going people I have ever known, he is kind and never treats anyone badly even if he doesn’t like them, hard worker, and a great little brother… plus he is always my #1 taste tester and my go-to for Will Ferrel quotes!

He is off to Vegas now to celebrate finally being legal in this country (although he’s been legal in England forever) Have a great first Legal drink Kev Kev!!!! I saw him last weekend on Saturday in order to give him homemade cheesecake bites and his bday present which was a home brew kit and a beer glass!!!! I know him pretty well because he was over the moon!!!

HAPPPY 21 KEV!!!!! Love you!!!

Tommorow we will be celebrating another 21st bday on the blog… MOLLY!!!

yea.. they love being a day in part in age… they are basically twins


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!!


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