Lions will be Lions: Zengo Asian-Latin Fusion

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! And happy 21st Bday Molly!!!

Ok now that we have covered that… back to our scheduled programming!

Last night I went to dinner with ConCon in order to a review a restaurant for his blog!!! We went to Zengo which is an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant! I LOVE Latin Asian fusion, Asia de Cuba and Sushi Samba in NYC are two of my favorite restaurants of all time! So I was really excited when Con asked if I wanted to go there! I was also pumped to finally get to go on a review trip with him as I love the way he writes about restaurants!

We started off with cocktails, Sake Sakura for me and the El Diablo Marg for him! I actually liked his better as it was a mango marg with a chile infused tequila! I am not the biggest fan of Sake however mine was good just very strong! In addition to our cocktails we started with the BEST edamame I have ever had.. we were both floored by this XO edamame which is cooked with bacon, scallops, and soy sauce with other seasonings thrown in…. OMG… like there aren’t words to explain how amazing this dish was… it is worth going to Zengo simply for their cocktails and edamame if nothing else.

We decided to go on a “food tour” of Zengo and decided on a few small plates to share! We decided on the Won Ton Tacos with Ahi Tuna, the Volcano roll which is crab topped with salmon, and the shrimp potstickers… YUM each of these dishes were packed with flavor  and were the perfect size (for me at least having snacked before dinner.. 8:30 was late for me!)

The mains are a bit pricey so I would definitely recommend what Connor and I did which was to share a few of the small plates as well as edamame! This made it easier to enjoy a cocktail! It is a great place for a snack and a cocktail after work or pre-going out down town!

It was a great night with Con as usual full of laughter and ridiculously as the two of us found a new saying that I am sure we will use to death (One Song and One Song Only has become old we have decided) and that is Lions will be Lions, no one knows what it means but it feels good.

Before my culinary adventure with Con, I went for a quick three mile run and 20 minute weight sesh! I ran outside and got to run in a tank top and shorts… IN JANUARY… I was in heaven! Too bad it snowed this morning.. crazy weather!

excuse the splotchiness

Ok now I am off to nanny and then go to  a swim meet!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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