I am a BAD ASS (sorry for swearing?) at least today I am feeling good.. because guess what? Today I became a runner! This morning instead of the usual ugh its 6 alread? ehh Ill sleep in and run later.. oh its later and I have no time? oops routine… for the 2nd week in a row I was able to get up, fuel, and run early early early in the morning! And I accomplished another PDR…and I didn’t even think for the first 6 miles they FLEW by…. yes it was a tad slow but it was also 20 degrees out and it hurt just a tad to breathe hahaha

Now I have a week off from heavy mileage with my longest run this week at 10 miles, and then two more long runs coming up at 18 and 20… weirdest thing? I am actually excited… I look forward to my long runs because of the way I feel afterwards, a mix of wanting to cry and also wanting to dance

Today I knew it was gonna be a cold one so I dressed warm! I went bright this morning with a neon green shirt I got for christmas from my mom! It is fleecy in the inside suit is perfect on days like today! I also wore mmy fabulous Wunder Under pants from Lulu and my Nike Pro Combat over shirt with gloves!

Yea.. Im so attractive at 6 am! After my run I refueled with chocolate milk, and went to get my extensions put back in! Yay pretty long hair again! It is also darker than it has been in a LONG time.. remember how blonde I was last year?

yea I was blonde for a long time… and now still bits of blonde but much darker!

I have been a hungry hippo all day! For lunch I had grilled cheese with pesto, baked Buffalo chicken wings and an apple! While I was at the swim meet today I snacked on fresh fruit and as soon as I got home I had a bowl of Chobani with some Pumpkin Flax Granola!

Now I am off to finish getting ready and then go meet Kat and Andrew and co for Mexican… YUM!!! Sounds so good right now!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


2 thoughts on “16 MILES

  1. I love days when I’m a hungry hungry hippo after a tough workout. Food is ALWAYS so much better when you’re craving it for fuel! I adore your extensions, you look SO pretty in that pic.

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