You would cry too

If it happened to you….
No this is not an emo woe is me post… This is an omg wth is my life/funny/gross running story that just happened to me
So I have a 2.5 hour break between babysitting and decide to get my 8 mile run in during this time…
So im running but realize I need a break so stop in the porta potty in cheeseman park
Side note here I am not a bathroom snob.. I lived in Africa for a month when I was 16… I recognize that sometimes you just gotta suck it up… That being said with regards to porta pottys I believe they should be kept clean and those who use them should be respectful
Soooo anyways I go to squat/hover whatever and decide to look around and inspect when I see that someone had an erm accident all over! Then I realized that my shirt that was kinda long GOT DRAGGED in it….. GROSS… So of course I delicately remove said shirt which sadly was one of my faves… And doused myself in purel just in cases
Of course I disposed of the shirt and finished my 8 miler in my sports bra…in January…it’s in the 50s but still… I def got looks…and cat calls….
My life is a joke…sorry if this story is a little TMI for you but I had to share hahaha
On the bright side yay I’m done 8 miles and it felt sooo good!
Now I am in target finishing errands before babysitting part 26995216903532 of the day! I’ll be back later with a recap of this months foodie pen pals! (pics arent on my phone :/)
Hope you all are having a good Tuesday!
Peace love and be Sperry!


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