February Foodie Pen Pals


I really need to start getting my pics up faster because I end up not having them available in time for my foodie pen pal posts!

Once again I have the best foodie pen pal who sent me awesome, wonderful stuff and gave me a new blog to be obsessed with… so win win for everyone?

First things first a fun down of foodie pen pals (aka most fun thing ever.. thank you TWINO for getting me onto this!)

-On the 5th of every month, you will receive your penpal pairing via email. It will be your responsibility to contact your penpal and get their mailing address and any other information you might need like allergies or dietary restrictions.
-You will have until the 15th of the month to put your box of goodies in the mail. On the last day of the month, you will post about the goodies you received from your penpal! 
-The boxes are to be filled with fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treats! The spending limit is $15. The box must also include something written. This can be anything from a note explaining what’s in the box, to a fun recipe…use your imagination!
-You are responsible for figuring out the best way to ship your items depending on their size and how fragile they are. (Don’t forget about flat rate boxes!)
-Foodie Penpals is open to blog readers as well as bloggers. If you’re a reader and you get paired with a blogger, you are to write a short guest post for your penpal to post on their blog about what you received. If two readers are paired together, neither needs to worry about writing a post for that month.
-Foodie Penplas is open to US & Canadian residents.  Please note, Canadian Residents will be paired with other Canadians only. We’ve determined things might get too slow and backed up if we’re trying to send foods through customs across the border from US to Canada and vice versa. So, I’m going to keep two separate lists and match US w/ US and Canada w/ Canada!

If you’re interested in participating for March, please send  an email to Lindsay at theleangreenbean@gmail.com and include the following information:
-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your blog name/address
-Your twitter handle (if applicable)
WHETHER YOU ARE A US RESIDENT OR CANADIAN RESIDENT. – this is SUPER important so you get on the right list!

Sign by March 4th in order to be on the list!!!! Lindsay is very prompt for someone who has singlehandedly organized this now huge event, which is awesome and I totally want to be her… its fine

 It is such a good way to get more invested in the community and you get the joy of giving and receiving… this post should really be titles everyone wins!
So this month I received a package from the lovely Debbie of accidentally delish… who is just amazing… please read her blog so you can like her as much as I do!!! Debbie wanted to send me new things I had never tried and I of course was more than down for that!!!
One she sent the cutest decorates package, with treats that were also wrapped in cute little bags and ribbons…. loving the personalized details and will have to do that next month!
In my box I got Udi’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies… I go the package Sunday… Liza and I finished the cookies yesterday… oops
A Cafe Balance Bar chocolate almond biscotti bar (had it for breakfast today with coffee and it was perfect!)
A Cliff Kids Z Bar in blueberry flavor which I had yesterday as a snack in class. YUM… I will be buying these from now on!
Two fruit leathers.. one strawberry and one strawberry banana.. both eaten as snacks yesterday.. no will power its fine!
Two Ning Xia packets which are like an herbal nutrient infusion packet that I am pumped to try
Mini Packet Late July cheddar crackers which will be a snack tomorrow!
Hello Kitty Valentines Chocolates (so cute!!! never too late for a valentine!)
and of course she surprised me with my fave SWEDISH FISH which I have stored away until after Lent!

Not only did she send yummy treats but a recipe for Banana Bread Hummus (YUM) which I will be trying as soon as I figure out why my baby Kitchen Aid food processor love of my life won’t turn on….

Everything has been awesome and I am so excited to try the rest!!! Thank you Debbie for this great foodie pen pal box!!!!
Check out Badger Girl Learns to Cook to see what I sent Kimberly this month!!!

Can’t wait for next month!!!!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!!


Comfort Food Made Healthy!

So lately I have been craving fried chicken… I think it has been ever since I was in the South a few weeks ago! I love fried chicken but I can’t actually remember the last time I had it! So today when I was at the grocery store, I had an idea to make healthier “fried” chicken!!!

I have seen recipes for corn flake chicken everywhere but just never tried it before…. omg I am so glad I did! Both Liza and I loved this! I also made my Turkey Chili to go with! Yay for Comfort Food!

I had mini chunks of chicken so mine were more like Popcorn Chicken which I liked even better!!!!

24 chicken thighs or wing drumettes with skin ( I used one lb of chopped chicken… probably 3-4 in chunks!)
2 c. crumbed corn flakes
1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/2 c. milk
1 egg
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
Preheat oven to 350
Dip chicken pieces in mixture of egg milk, salt and pepper, then roll in cornflake crumbs. Lay the pieces of chicken on a shallow baking dish and bake for one hour!
Enjoy while warm with honey mustard dipping sauce.. YUM!!!
This was much needed today as I felt pretty awful all day… my body was not my friend today after 20 miles yesterday… and I was good and had a quiet night!
I did however treat myself and boy am I glad I did! Twink and Collen and I (tired of hearing about the three of us yet?) went to Larkburger… OMG I forgot how much I love their truffle and parmesan fries!! I also got a burger with pepper jack cheese and truffle aoili on a lettuce “bun” and a chocolate milkshake!!! YUM… I loved every bite of everything I ate yesterday… food is so enjoyable when you aren’t thinking about it and just enjoying it for what it is!
Ok now off to watch the Oscars!! beeheee guess what? Only two more weeks of school left until my 2 week spring break!!!! I neeed it!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Happy Birthday PMULL!!!

This is much later than I wanted it to be but today has been A LONG DAY! But a fun day!! Today I ran 20 miles!!!! Ahhhh PDR.. and my final one as I am now officially in taper…. which is awesome because today was ROUGH.. my legs started to mutiny around mile 18 but with the use of positive self talk and great music I powered through my last two miles! After my run and my post run chocolate milk I had a brunch date with Collen and Twink! We went to snooze which for those of you from Denver is a must go! There is always a line and it is only open till 3 but it is so worth it!!! We sipped on drinks while we waited for our table… I had a Newton’s Law which was Sparkling Wine, Cherry Liquor, and Apple Juice! It was delicious! Twink and Collen got the Spicy Bloody Mary!

Finally we got seated and I was starvin marvin… so I ordered an omelette with pico, cotija cheese, and avocado.. instead of hash or toast I opted for a thin mint pancake which was the pancake of the day!!! OMG… OMG there are no words for how good this pancake was… it was smothered in vanilla cream with ACTUAL thin mints crumbled in… OMG heaven…

Afterwards Twink went home to study, and Collen and I grabbed a beer and watched the KU game before it was time to come home and ice bath and do work!!

Also I got a real nice burn on my run today… it was 65 today!!!

Now for the important part of the day! It’s my moms birthday!!!!!!!

My mom is amazing, and wonderful, selfless, unendingly patient and probably the best mom ever! Unfortunately she is asleep right now (UK time difference) but I hope tomorrow when she reads this she forgives me for not being able to call today!!!

But seriously P Mull has always been an inspiration to me and is the reason I am running my marathon in 3 weeks so happy birthday P MULL!!!!! LOVE YOU

I would post more pictures but that would mean I would have to go to Facebook…. and I gave it up for Lent! (more on that later)

Ok time to go meet Collen for burgers and fries and milkshakes! ( I am obviously over last Saturday)


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

An unhealthy relationship

I have alluded to this before but today I have been a little hyper focused on one issue that keeps coming up and so I decided I needed to write about it.

Today I ran 14 miles… thats an accomplishment, I have never run 14 miles before, although it is certainly not my longest run (18, 16, 15 anyone) it is a lot of mileage. I should feel awesome right? Too bad I don’t.

I used to feel that the only way  I could eat was to have a crazy good workout, and it was sort of a reward. Which is a horrible way of thinking about food and health. I became a health nut in college simply because I was chasing an ideal that may never exist for my body. It seems like an unattainable goal somedays… and others I love my body and feel great about myself. Today is not one of those days.

I ran 14 miles today and due to a hectic schedule all day was only able to eat one thing several hours later- a whole wheat bagel sandwich with turkey and light veggie cream cheese. And now I feel guilty for showering before finding out I didn’t have to babysit… so I could have gone to yoga in order to eat what I am craving for dinner… which is a burger and fries…. and I don’t even eat the bun.. ever. This kind of thinking is destructive and I thought I had begun to get over it. I eat candy now ever once in awhile (or well a lot of Swedish Fish this week) I barely ate candy for 4 years… and was much more restrictive than I am now. Now I eat more bread and carbs and fat in healthy doses because I am training for a marathon and in order to have quality runs I NEED to fuel properly. Luckily I am a protein and veggie fiend… so that has never been an issue.  Regardless moral of the story… I have had an unhealthy relationship for food for awhile… a very long time in fact. I used to restrict and then there were nights when I was upset or drunk (or both) that I would eat an entire carton of Ben and Jerry’s. And those would be followed by punishing work outs the next day. Now I run for the challenge and joy of pushing my body and doing something I never thought I could accomplish. Seriously I always said I would never run a marathon and now I am! I may not run very fast but I am amazing myself with what my body can do for me.

Basically the moral of this rant is to get it out, my food issues, my body issues, and my OCD relationship with fitness. I finally take rest days and am ok with it… that took years to be able to do. I know it is just a weird day and I am stressed in general about school and future but I hate that I feel guilty for partaking in certain foods… when really I shouldn’t! I should be celebrating my body and nourishing it. Today my body needs fats and proteins and deliciousness in order to heal and let me swim tomorrow on my cross training day.

I know I am not alone in these thoughts and feelings thanks to the amazing blog community I am in that has women who have faced way worse food issues than I have… but I just wanted all of readers and other bloggers to know and remember you are not alone… we all have these days, months, years. Love your body as hard as it may be, don’t let yourself fall into the comparison trap that is so easy to do (trust me… I do it all the time). We are all beautiful and amazing… remember that next time.. I know I will try to today.

Do you ever feel this way?


Peace,  Love and be Sperry!


Happy Thursday!

SO I was gonna write an inspirational mental skills-y type post… and then I got on Pinterest and started laughing hysterically at the NYU memes… so please join me in laughing at celebrating my alma mater

its funny because both my littles and my big were in Gallatin

I was in LSP… jokes on the haters cuz it meant I got to spend a year in FLORENCE.. HA

aww love my Tisch friends…

Bahaha basically that is NYU in a nutshell… especially the hipsters… HIPSTERS everywhere.. I obviously fit in very well… not like a preppy sore thumb at all… FTW

Does your college have memes?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Not So Bright and Shiny

Hello there!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentines day!!! I got to have a date with my two favorite Valentines fir the second year in a row!!!

Like last year we celebrated the day with pizza, desserts (from whole foods) and wine! This year I decide to make the pizza, and trued out the pre made packages whole foods whole wheat pizza crusts!! These are awesome! If you are in the mood for a quick healthier take on pizza definitely pick up this crust!

I also decided to not make dessert based on time, and so I went with an assortment of mini desserts including cookies and cream brownie bites, peanut butter brownie bites, and lemon bar bites as well as chocolate covered strawberries!

I also had a good 6 mile run yesterday which was a great way to start the day!

Sooo considering how awesome yesterday was today I woke up a tad angsty elf for some reason. (for those who don’t know me that well I like to put my emotions in elf terms… thank you Will Ferrell and ELF the movie) Reasons for this may include that fact that I dread my 6 hour class that I am currently in (dry, boring, not a fan of the professor, LONG) and the stress I feel on these long wednesdays about fitting in a run. Yes had yesterday not been Vday I may have been able to wake up at 5 to run 9 miles…. however I didn’t go to bed till 12 sooo I decided to allow myself to sleep in! Now I have the dilemma of class till 2, meeting till 2:45, nannying  till 5:30, consulting till 8, and then running at 8 pm! That idea is quite daunting to me sooo I get stressed out about it…. silly I know but there it is. I am also stressed out about school and the balance between what I need to do this weekend and what I WANT to do this weekend. I have friends going up to the mountains and I REALLY want to see them… but I have like 8 million things due on monday/next week/next few weeks soooo I am a tad anxious and blegh

Sorry that is a bit ranty rant so any advice, words of wisdom, words of cheer would be much needed today!

Ironically, right now in class and in a paper I am writing, we are talking about self esteem and support systems namely parents and friends. Lately I have been in a really good place because I have really realized the amazing support system I have collected around me. So today is just an anomaly. However it is a really interesting aspect in developing self esteem. If your parents aren’t supportive or are overly supportive and hovering what does that mean for development? This can be seen on shows like Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras where moms are crazy! They hover, they challenge teachers/coaches/other parents, judge other athletes etc. These dancers are put under so much pressure that when they don’t do as well as expected, they are crushed and their self esteem reflects that. This is part of what drives me in my future work, I want to work with child and adolescent athletes (Hello Lifetime want to hire me to be on Dance Moms?) Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Self-Handicapping,Hyper-sensitivity to criticism,excessive will to please (i have this) and indecisiveness all of this comes from low self-esteem and the environment that the children are a part of! Take home message… Parents.. chill out…. don’t push too hard or be too overbearing, just be loving and supportive and create realistic expectations for your athletes! They will be better off in the long run! (obviously I am not a parent so please don’t let my opinion offend you.. it is purely observational)

A bit of a tangential post today but I just wanted to share what was on my mind!

Any whoooo hope YOU guys are having a good Wednesday!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Hey Guys!

Today I have something I want to share with you guys that is pretty personal. My brother Billy is a senior at Chapman and he is in the process of putting together his senior thesis film.

The film follows a gay couple, Tyler Francis and Ryan Hunt who have been together for over two years. The couple are very much in love and are about to start a family by adopting a son. As the adoption gets closer, Tyler realizes he must reveal a dark secret that he has kept from Ryan: his HIV-positive status. DISCLOSURE follows Ryan’s emotional journey after his discovery of Tyler’s status, exploring the emotional heartache, isolation and discrimination against those who are HIV-positive.

The film is very close to my heart as it is a very personal one for my brother who himself is gay (but not HIV positive). His dedication the cause is so amazing, and I want to help make his film a reality! That is where you all come in!

The Production

DISCLOSURE will run about 20 minutes in length and will be shot in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas during the first two weeks of March. It will then premiere at Dodge College, Chapman University in Mid-May.


How can I be a part of DISCLOSURE?

Making movies is expensive! That’s where you come in. Everyone on the project is working for free and in order to make a quality film, money needs to be spent on a camera, lighting & sound equipment, insurance, production design, locations, travel expenses, hair & makeup, and other working material and expenses. These expenses add up incredibly fast.

We are hoping to raise $10,000. This is about 10% over what we need, and thus 10% of all donated funds will go to UNTIL There’s A Cure.

Please chose the amount of money you would like to contribute and click the “Contribute Now” button on the right side. Provide us with your information, leave a comment and chose your method of payment  to make your contribution. Don’t worry, IndieGoGo leads you through the process step by step.

All forms of contribution including credit card and PayPal through IndieGoGo are 100% guaranteed safe and secure.

UNTIL There’s A Cure

UNTIL There’s A Cure is national non-profit charity dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS through awareness and funds. Until There’s A Cure was the first non-profit organization to create and sell a bracelet to raise funds for a cause. For more information please visit http://until.org/ 

UNTIL There’s a Cure stands out amongst the other HIV/AIDS non-profit organizations for it’s continued excellence and success in raising awareness and funds in fight against the virus.

How else can I contribute?

Fundraising relies on the power of the spoken word… please tell your friends, family and co-workers about us! Share our campaign on your preferred social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google +)! Help us spread the word and make the best possible film we can!

It’s just one click for you but it can mean a huge difference for DISCLOSURE.

If you have any additional questions please contact Billy at disclosurefilm@gmail.com. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance through the donation process.

Together we can educate, increase awareness and help provide loving support for anyone who is HIV positive.

Please help Bill and HIV!


Peace, Love, and Be Sperry!

Wine Snob and Treadmills

Iam currently on my couch where I will probably remain for the rest of the day, unless I get the energy to go into the hot tub later.

Why am I such a slug muffin today? A combination of 18 miles, lack of sleep, and wine

Yesterday I ran 18 miles… ON THE TREADMILL….. gross… for those of you who are treadmill intolerant as I am you realize that 3 hours is literally the worst thing I could ever imagine…. and it makes me look up to Janae even more as she has run a marathon on a treadmill… never again… hopefully the weather decides to be nice to me for my next few runs, 14,20, 12 and 9…. because I really just cannot run inside anymore!

However on the bright side OMG I did 18 miles!!! hahahaaha it was weird because I didn’t get that omg wow I did that feeling after my run.. which I should have as it was more of an accomplishment inside since the tread is usually quite a struggle for me! But today I am definitely feeling the PDR bliss… and also body pain… apparently 18 miles takes a lot out on your body!!! Needless to say it has been a nappy knd of weekend… which makes me feel a little bad because I haven’t done as much work as I wanted to get done

Also I alluded to being crafty the other day but couldn’t post about it because it was a prezzie for Twinkle Toes and Collen!I painted wine glasses for them! Last night they had a wine tasting party for their new apartment!!! First I love their new apartment.. it is so grown up and cute… and second… we are not as grown up as their apartment… sad but true fact

The wine tasting was super fun… everyone brought wine or craft beer and we covered the labels so you did not know what was what! Then each person scored the wine and at the end we came up with a winner.. AND I WON! yay apparently I know my wine.. well I guess I tied with Twink hahaha but I don’t honestly remember why!

Today I was SORE… holy moly was I exhausted… Liza came home from a weekend up in the mountains and asked what I was going to bake for tomorrow… I hadn’t planned on baking.. to be honest I haven’t really been in the baking mood lately which is weird!

I decided to make Red Velvet Cake Balls… which were a little but of a caketastrophe… but they turned out ok.. they just look bad hahaha

For the recipe check out the Velveteen Baker!

Now I am off to watch the Grammys… looove it

Are you watching the Grammys?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Comfort Zones and 11 Things

Heyloooo therrreeee! I am so excited its the weekend… mostly because I am actually wanting time to go FAST right now which is unusual since I usually want it to slow down… especially as I have like 14 weeks of class left which is a scary thought within itself… any whooo if you read blogs you have seen the 11 things survey floating around! My lovely new friend Liz tagged me in hers!

Sooo here it goes

11 Random Things About ME

1. Yesterday was a very emotional day in class because we did activities centered around leaving and ending groups which resulted in us writing positive things about our class mates which both made my day and made me want to cry at the same time

2 One of the things someone said about me was that I step out of my comfort zone and try new things… and this is something I really try to embrace but secretly I am often terrified of going out of my comfort zone. I think this is due to years of having to go out and make new friends and adapt to new situations from moving, and so now I like to get stuck in what is comfortable.

3. I am such a nerd and am super excited about Star Wars being re-released in 3-D  I actually wanted to go Friday but can’t… so knowing me I will go today or Sunday… and I am totally fine going alone

4. I actually hate being alone… and when I am I will keep as many lights on as possible and like triple check the locks… Someday I will have to live alone but not for right now haha

5. I still don’t know what I want to do after graduation. I want to get a PhD but now I am worried that I am not ready for the commitment, so I might take a year off and get a real person job somewhere.. anyone want me to move to their city? haha jk

6. I  finally finished the Girl Scout cookies in my freezer… and I don’t plan on buying anymore this year… Thin Mints are my downfall and it is such a disaster

7. I am running 18 miles while you are reading this post.. and it is supposed to snow … HELLO 3 hours running indoors… ew

8. I hate scary slasher movies like Texas Chainsaw.. can’t even sit through it but love thriller/suspense scary movies

9. I fully believe my life is an unscripted reality tv show because honestly the most REEEEdiculous things happen all the time… like its not funny but it also is funny … I am like a fine wine only instead of getting better with age I get more ridiculous

10. Yesterday I was crafty… and I am really not crafty at all… in fact senior year my roommates had to redo my Little Paddle because well it was a tragedy.. SORRY MOLLY… I love you.. but today’s crafts actually turned out ok.. they even got approval from my friends Kat and Whitt… so they must be good

11. My junior year of college I got bangs… it was a bad choice… but it happened… hair I apologize for all of the ridiculous things I have done to you throughout the years

Ok now for the 11 questions I have to answer

1. Do you prefer working out before or after work?

Before… I like to work out in the morning because then I don’t have to rush or fit it in to the other things I have to do throughout the day

2. What is the best dish that you, in your opinion, make?

Chicken Parm…. it is my go to first meal I make for people!

3. What is the longest distance you have run?


4. What was your best birthday?

hmmmm so tough… this year’s birthday was so amazing, but my 21st was pretty awesome too, as was my 17th, 18th darn it I can’t choose!!!

5. What is your favorite workout move?

hmmmm probably bicep/tricep kickbacks

6. How do you feel about fro-yo?


7. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would be your last meal?

hmmm thats a toughie…. probably pizza from Pizza Express in London

8. If you have to choose between spending the rest of your life in the sky or in the water, which would you choose?

Water…. as a swimmer I could literally always live in or near the water!

9. Do you live in the city you grew up in?

Sigh no… and I got rejected from Loyola Chicago soooo no Chitown for me anytime soon 😦

10. Do you prefer long hair or short hair?

BAHAHA this is such an apt question for me as ya know one I am hair ADD and two I have hair extensions right now soooo I am totally into the long hair as of this moment however eventually I will get over myself and be back into my actual hair… and not too long











11. If you could have any career in the world, what would it be?

Sideline Reporter on ESPN without a doubt… I WANT TO BE Erin Andrews… she is my hero

Now 11 questions for YOU to answer

1. What kind of pet do you own/want

2. Mexican or Italian food?

3. What’s your favorite form of exercise?

4. Girl Scout Cookies yes or no, and which kind?

5. Cold weather or warm weather climate to live in?

6. What is your favorite book?

7. Favorite movie genre?

8. iPhone or Droid or BBerry?

9. Coolest place you have traveled?

10. How many shoes do you own?

11. Favorite sports team?

Ok… I tag everyone and anyone who reads this as so many people have been tagged already!!!! Wooo lemme hear YOUR 11 Things!!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!!