First Foodie Pen Pals

Soooo today I wanna talk about something very exciting I got to be a part of this month! Foodie Pen Pals! What is that you ask? It is a great blogger/reader food swap organized by the lovely Lindsay of the lean green bean! I had heard of this from my Twino Caitlin and was instantly excited!!
Basically you sign up each month and are given a reader/blogger to send a box of goodies too, and in turn some one gets your name and they send you something! It is so fun to share favorite foods and recipes with someone new!!! And to get someone else’s in return!
This month my box came from Jennifer at Food for Todd!
In it I got delicious whole wheat peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (that had to be brought to class after I ate 5 in a row… SO darn good!!!) seaweed snacks from TJs (first time trying these I ate them in one day….and would like a lifetime supply please and thank you) yummy dark chocolate and of course the number 1 thing I love the most…. Swedish Fish!!!!! She also sent me a recipe for white bean turkey sausage casserole that I made for Connor and his roommate a few weeks ago and it was bomb!!!!

20120131-110224 PM.jpg
Loved this months foodie pen pals and can’t wait till next month!
Peace love and be Sperry!


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