Who Motivates You?

So most of you know I am running my marathon with my mom who is running the half. Actually this is the reason I am running it. I wanted to run this one because it is before the first one I signed up for and I knew if I hadn’t completed my marathon goal before, and missed the Colfax one I would be brattastic at Billy’s College graduation which is the day before Colfax in California… Which is why I am no longer running the Colfax Marathon ( my first half was Colfax so I wanted to run it to be symbolic) however when my mom started thinking about the half,I knew that if she would run the half I could train for this marathon in 14 weeks which is definitely short training for my first full.
Anyways soooo we are both each others motivation for running in DC on March 17th. I realized this to the fullest extent yesterday when she sent me this text

It feels good to know that I am an inspiration to someone so important o me, especially because she has run several marathons already, and beause I still feel like a novice sometimes!
Ok just wanted to share that with you guys… Mostly because I needed to not focus on this class right now which is driving me insane.
Who is your motivation/inspiration to run?
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


2 thoughts on “Who Motivates You?

  1. Yes, Louisiana is the best state … EVER.

    Yayyyy!!! I can’t wait!!! I’m going to email you my contact info so we can meet up! It’s my first blogger meet up, too!

    And good luck with the interview! It’s perfect you are traveling before! You will be relaxed and have a clear mind šŸ™‚

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