One More Day

do do do.. oh hey thur

Im a space cadet today… mostly because dumdumdum I LEAVE TOMORROW!!!! CHYAAAA buddy… I haven’t left the great state of ColoRADO since September… and after my epic travel summer… this is not ok.. I am getting supasupasupa stir crazy

The agenda for this weekend?


I get in, spend the night there with B-dawg, his gf and our friend Collin from hs

Friday: NOLA!!!

Yes we are driving from Houston to NOLA and I am PUMPED.. I have never been to New Orleans before, and I did a project on Louisiana when I was in 4th grade and I was in love with the state after that.. why I didn’t apply to LSU or Tulane I still don’t understand

Saturday: NOLA pt 2

Yes TWO days there… so excited Liz.. get at me.. so pumped to have my first blogger meet up.. and I get to hang out with ANNE and CHRISTINE.. Bryan’s friends from Houston who became my bffs in Austin this summer!

Sunday: ATHENS

No not Greece, but Georgia for my interview!!!! I get in around 2:30, then have a student social and then will be watching the Super bowl solo 😦 if you live in the area and want to be my friend for the super bowl… hit me up hahaha

Monday: ATHENS

INTERVIEW DAY…. wootwootwoot wish me luck.. or give me good ideas for questions to ask hahahaha

Tuesday: DENCO

back to the real world… but I will only have 2 classes that week and they are fun/easy classes soooo it’ll be a good week!

I am so excited to be in the South and see friends and take a huge step towards my future! Also I am just in need of a vacation right now.. Denco is becoming stifling…. it may be because I am still waiting on 2 PhD programs and it is killing me.. like I want to punch something… but I should hear from Denver today.. and other silly stuff

On a happy note once again it is beautiful out so I can run outside again today! I have a four miler today yay… I am going to be that girl this weekend who attempts to run 12 miles in New Orleans… yea… lets see how this one goes

ok back to pretending to pay attention in this class


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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