Sunglasses and Advil

This weekend was mad real… anyone know that song… It’s my new obsession… it took over for Ninjas in Paris and My Own Worst Enemy

Soo as I mentioned I was in NOLA this weekend!!! It was crazy… and it was only the first weekend of Mardi Gras so I can only imagine what the actual Mardi Gras the day before Ash Wednesday is like… in fact it scares me a little bit!

So to recap, on Thursday I flew to Houston where I met up with Bryan and his gf Taylor and our friend from hs Colin.

On Friday we had lunch with Bryan’s parents at Barnaby’s Cafe in Houston. After lunch we started our six hour road trip to NOLA! Once in New Orleans we picked up Bryan’s friend from Vanderbilt Whitt who was joining us for the weekend.

After settling in at the hotel, we changed and headed out for dinner at Daisy Dukes. We were all starving at this point so this seemed like the best/closest place! I had the Gumbo which was delicious!
After dinner we were ready to tackle the night, and headed to Bourbon St and all of it’s bars!

Yes, we definitely treated ourselves to some of New Orleans “infamous” drinks such as the Hurricane, the Hand Grenade (I only had sips of other peoples’s… it tasted like a hangover) and the Jester… SO Sugary… needless to say that 12 miler I planned for saturday? HAHAHA yea that did not happen… instead Whitt and I got water, gatorade, coffee and Advil in order to stave off those lovely hangovers that chased us. I blame it on the sugar and exhaustion.. we didn’t get back until like 4 am which my old lady body never does anymore!

Once I recovered, it was time to meet up with Liz!!! This was my first blogger meet up and I was super excited about it! She is even more awesome and adorable than she is on her blog and I loved chatting with her! We started with coffee before she took me to the incredible Roosevelt Hotel for Peach Bellinis!!! She wasn;t lying when she said they were the best… YUM!!!

Once I got back to the hotel..Taylor, Bryan and Colin had already gone to Cafe Du Monde for beignets… BUMMER, and I was too sleepy to join Anne and Christine in the French QUarter which is an even bigger bummer since I didn’t get to see them on Saturday and we only saw them Friday night! :(. But rest was needed so we spent the afternoon cuddling on beds in the hotel while it stormed outside, watching videos on our phones and sipping Miller High Life hahaha.

Finally the fact that I hadn’t eaten all day and the fact tat everyone else was hungry too caught up with us and we ventured out around 5 to find food! We went to Desire Oyster Bar!
Once again I had Gumbo… what can I say I just love it and can only get the good stuff in Louisiana! We also tried some of their fancy cocktails! I had the Gin Fizz which I never order but on the off chance that I do… I love! Soo delis
After dinner we went to the parade! I was a little disappointed by this parade as it was very political and kind of vulgar… however it was still a good time! After wards we hit more bars before turning in much earlier than Friday (before 12) with the thought of rallying and heading back out which never happened!

On Sunday, Whitt and I once again were the first ones up so we explored more, before rousing the troops to head to the airport (or in Bryan, Taylor, and Colin’s case on the road back to Houston)
I had to fly to Atlanta and then shuttle to Athens for my interview that was yesterday!!!
Ok enough for now…. hope you enjoyed my recap!!!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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