Wine Snob and Treadmills

Iam currently on my couch where I will probably remain for the rest of the day, unless I get the energy to go into the hot tub later.

Why am I such a slug muffin today? A combination of 18 miles, lack of sleep, and wine

Yesterday I ran 18 miles… ON THE TREADMILL….. gross… for those of you who are treadmill intolerant as I am you realize that 3 hours is literally the worst thing I could ever imagine…. and it makes me look up to Janae even more as she has run a marathon on a treadmill… never again… hopefully the weather decides to be nice to me for my next few runs, 14,20, 12 and 9…. because I really just cannot run inside anymore!

However on the bright side OMG I did 18 miles!!! hahahaaha it was weird because I didn’t get that omg wow I did that feeling after my run.. which I should have as it was more of an accomplishment inside since the tread is usually quite a struggle for me! But today I am definitely feeling the PDR bliss… and also body pain… apparently 18 miles takes a lot out on your body!!! Needless to say it has been a nappy knd of weekend… which makes me feel a little bad because I haven’t done as much work as I wanted to get done

Also I alluded to being crafty the other day but couldn’t post about it because it was a prezzie for Twinkle Toes and Collen!I painted wine glasses for them! Last night they had a wine tasting party for their new apartment!!! First I love their new apartment.. it is so grown up and cute… and second… we are not as grown up as their apartment… sad but true fact

The wine tasting was super fun… everyone brought wine or craft beer and we covered the labels so you did not know what was what! Then each person scored the wine and at the end we came up with a winner.. AND I WON! yay apparently I know my wine.. well I guess I tied with Twink hahaha but I don’t honestly remember why!

Today I was SORE… holy moly was I exhausted… Liza came home from a weekend up in the mountains and asked what I was going to bake for tomorrow… I hadn’t planned on baking.. to be honest I haven’t really been in the baking mood lately which is weird!

I decided to make Red Velvet Cake Balls… which were a little but of a caketastrophe… but they turned out ok.. they just look bad hahaha

For the recipe check out the Velveteen Baker!

Now I am off to watch the Grammys… looove it

Are you watching the Grammys?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


2 thoughts on “Wine Snob and Treadmills

  1. I am obsessed with this party you attended. I WANT TO DO ONE. I wish we were next door neighbors or something.

    18 miles on the treadmill is absolutely gross. PROPS to you for doing it, lady! You are amazing. Only 8.2 away from the marathon!!

    And I LOVED the Grammys, IDK if you saw my live tweets – but then I tweeted too much and Twitter put me in jail!

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