Happy Birthday PMULL!!!

This is much later than I wanted it to be but today has been A LONG DAY! But a fun day!! Today I ran 20 miles!!!! Ahhhh PDR.. and my final one as I am now officially in taper…. which is awesome because today was ROUGH.. my legs started to mutiny around mile 18 but with the use of positive self talk and great music I powered through my last two miles! After my run and my post run chocolate milk I had a brunch date with Collen and Twink! We went to snooze which for those of you from Denver is a must go! There is always a line and it is only open till 3 but it is so worth it!!! We sipped on drinks while we waited for our table… I had a Newton’s Law which was Sparkling Wine, Cherry Liquor, and Apple Juice! It was delicious! Twink and Collen got the Spicy Bloody Mary!

Finally we got seated and I was starvin marvin… so I ordered an omelette with pico, cotija cheese, and avocado.. instead of hash or toast I opted for a thin mint pancake which was the pancake of the day!!! OMG… OMG there are no words for how good this pancake was… it was smothered in vanilla cream with ACTUAL thin mints crumbled in… OMG heaven…

Afterwards Twink went home to study, and Collen and I grabbed a beer and watched the KU game before it was time to come home and ice bath and do work!!

Also I got a real nice burn on my run today… it was 65 today!!!

Now for the important part of the day! It’s my moms birthday!!!!!!!

My mom is amazing, and wonderful, selfless, unendingly patient and probably the best mom ever! Unfortunately she is asleep right now (UK time difference) but I hope tomorrow when she reads this she forgives me for not being able to call today!!!

But seriously P Mull has always been an inspiration to me and is the reason I am running my marathon in 3 weeks so happy birthday P MULL!!!!! LOVE YOU

I would post more pictures but that would mean I would have to go to Facebook…. and I gave it up for Lent! (more on that later)

Ok time to go meet Collen for burgers and fries and milkshakes! ( I am obviously over last Saturday)


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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