Things Lately

Have been CARAZY…. sososo much work! It is all very worth it though because I will have all my work done before my friend Whitt comes to visit this weekend!!!

So as I stated after my 20 miler- I am officially on my taper and in fact only have one more weekend before the marathon!! OMG FAREAKING OUT….. I cannot believe it is almost here!!!!

So lets do a recap of last week’s training/the joy of taper

First off my legs HURT last week… bad… 20 miles was not good for them… well it was but they definitely felt it. I had pretty bad shin splints until about Thursday… ouch… Side note: I am a baby… I do not like pain… I will run through it… I did run through it.. but I am NOT a fan of my legs feeling like they did. So I rested, iced, foam rolled, used my compression sleeves, and did not actually run until this Saturday. Instead I decided to elliptical and spin. I know I probably should have run but I am terrified of stress fractures… and for a few days it physically hurt to walk sooooo running did not seem like the best idea.

However Tuesday I did a 45 minute spin, Wednesday 1.5 hours on the elliptical, 1 hour on the elliptical on Thursday, rest day Friday, and I ran 12 miles on Saturday! Yesterday for cross training I did a 40 minute spin workout!

Today is technically a rest day however I may do yoga because I really want to stretch it out, and I haven’t done yoga in awhile!

On the food front I have been a boring bee… I made chili last week… so last week basically I ate chili for most meals…. win… I would add a salad or maybe a grilled cheese depending on what I felt I needed. But this week… shaking it up baby shaking it up!

On the Menu:

Lunch Today: Leftover from dinner aka Pan Fried Gnocchi with Italian Chicken Sausage, Spinach, and Tomatoes! YUMMM this was even better the next day, a Tangelo and a seltzer water

Dinner Tonight: Beef and Broccoli from Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats!!1 I need some iron in my system!

Lunch Tomorrow: Leftover Beef and Broccoli

Dinner Tomorrow: Chik Fil A chicken from Iow Girl Eats… sensing a theme here?

Dinner Wed: Stuffed Peppers

Dinner Thursday: Tofu Stirfry… or veggies and Tofu of some kind

Dinner Friday: Out to dinner with Whitt and potentially ConCon!!!

super exciting right?

Alsoooooo I will be doing my first giveaway this week… more on this later… but it is a very special week for Eat, Drink and Be Sperry!!!!!


k off to pay attention in class

What have you been eating/exercising lately?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!


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