No Facebook

For Forty days…..
That is what I have given up for Lent.. that and Swedish Fish and Froyo… but most importantly Facebook!
Those who clcked on this link via Facebook are probably thinking HUH? My blog, iPhoto,and my Nike+ app sync automatically to FB so I don’t actually have to do anything on FB for those to appear magically on there… like I have been on but nope haven’t checked!

I gave up Facebook because I waste sososososo much time on FB it is a little bit ridiculous, and because it is actually a difficult thing to give up. I give up sweets/froyo basically every year so it isn’t really that hard anymore… yes I crave it but I don’t really miss it the way I miss wasting countless hours sitting on Facebook… it is a tad ridiculous.

Two weeks in and I am doing pretty good, it stinks because people forget so they invite me to stuff or write on my wall, but as I disabled the app from my phone and iPad, and never get the emails, I literally don’t know whats going on! Luckily Liza is the best rookie and so reminds me of birthdays and other important events. So if you are reading this and your birthday falls during Lent and I haven’t memorized it… I am sorry and Happy Birthday in advanced/belated!

I have been meaning to post about Lent for awhile but I keep forgetting/have been too busy for life!

I am superduperuber excited because IT IS FRIDAY…. which means…. My friend comes today!!! I love love love having visitors in Denver!!! And it is my friend Mel’s bday so HAPPY BDAY MEL!!! I have made a Buttermilk Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate frosting for both occasions!!! Not only that but one more day of class and then 2 week spring break!!!!!!! And my marathon is in 8 days… CRAYCRAY

This morning I got up early before class in order to do a yoga/circuit workout that was awesome! Yay for morning workouts!

Yes lots of excitingexcitngexciting things going in Megan-Land today!

Last night I went to din din at my Aunt Alice’s house who I haven’t seen since Christmas! She is the coolest best aunt and I am so lucky to be in the same state as her and her fam! We had grilled steak, chicken, and veggies with baked potatoes!!! yummmm sadly un pictured as I deserted my phone during dinner!!!

Afterwards I came home and made cupcakes and watched Jersey Shore with Liza, gotta love it!

Anywho Don’t forget to check out my Giveaway!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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