The Announcement

Hi all!

Before I get to the meat of the post, I would like to share the winner of the Giveaway!

Number 4: Liz @Southern Charm

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Now I would like to talk about something more serious. Last night after dropping Whitt off at the airport, I watched the Announcement which is the ESPN Film about Magic Johnson’s journey with the HIV/AIDS virus.

HIV/AIDS is a virus that has infected over 33.4 million people. 1 million of that population is in the United States, and 1 in 5 people do not even know that they are infected. 1 in 5. It is a disease without a cure, but with a healthy lifestyle and the “HIV Cocktail” is livable. People are living for years with the virus if it is treated effectively and if the proper precautions and life choices are made. And last night, March 11, 2012- ESPN decided to show America the effect of HIV/AIDS on one of the most influential and best basketball players we have seen.

This documentary moved me to tears, it is the story of an extraordinary athlete and role model who took a personal tragedy and embraced his role as the face of the virus, and became a new role model outside of sport… one of hope, knowledge, and acceptance.

In 1991 when he was diagnosed, having this virus was a death sentence of sorts, if not only physically but socially. People have always had a negative connotation, one of being an outsider, or someone to avoid. However Magic dispelled this logic, his wife and child never got the virus, people he came in contact with did not get the virus, and he played in both the all star game and the Olympics in Barcelona as a part of the Dream Team, with my fave… Michael Jordan. He played for a short while in 1992, and was a coach of the Lakers for a period time as well.

Magic Johnson has lived with the HIV/AIDS virus for over 20 years… he has lived a healthy lifestyle, taken the medications, and done his best to spread knowledge of HIV. He currently has no AIDS symptoms.

This documentary, Magic, and ESPN are an inspiration for spreading the message and awareness of HIV/AIDS. This is a virus that affects anyone… and it is just that, a disease. People should not be ostracized for contracting a disease that they did not ask for, and may not have even known they were at risk.  Take this message and allow yourself to think about it, do not shun someone or treat them differently because they are suffering from this awful disease. Instead take care, be safe, and help spread awareness in your own way.

I know this was a deep post, and I am sorry if anyone was offended by this post. This is a cause that has become close to my heart, and I felt the need to share.


Peace, Love, and be Sperry


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