Taper and sore hips!

Oh heyyy!
So I am at the airport getting ready to fly to Philly which means my marathon is in three days…… Yes I am FAREAKING out……but in a good way?

So right now I am on taper as I have mentioned in previous posts which has been an interesting experience. As an endurance athlete my whole life I am used to tapering…. And love it! But I did myself getting really apprehensive about this maybe because it is my first marathon and my hips won’t stop being sore! This is a big worry….. Ever since Saturday they have been nagging me! I have done yoga, hot tub, ice cold shower, icing, stretching…… They are better today but there’s still a slight soreness! Has anyone else experienced this? I am worried because on my 20 miler my hips got so tight I actually cried the last two miles because I was in so much pain.

It is the hip flexors, not bursitis or it band or anything like that… I’ve done my hw and know it is just seriously sore muscles that are probably a result of all the mileage and then the rest of taper… Still if you have any advice please share!!
Ok about to board…. I’ll be back later with more on taper and march madness!!!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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