DiFebos Restaurant and Taper Food


OMG… At this time tomorrow… I will still be running…. and will have like 2.5 hours to go… sweet.awesome.yay! Can you tel I’m/nervous/excited/overwhelmed?

On the bright side- no more hip pain!!! Yayayayayay that is something very exciting!

And I am a spoiled rotten child because TWO friends from HS and a friend from College are coming to watch me run from NYC/State College, not to mention little one, my cousin, and potentially a few other friends!!! YAY! And I am running 12 miles with my momma which is even better!

So for those of you who have run halves or fills before, you know that taper time is the best and worst time! Right now I am feeling the worst as I have let the food guard down in anticipation for saturday and am one bloated carby girl right now. However I am reminding myself that when I am on mile 22 tomorrow and basically using everything in my body to keep running I will thank myself. Regardless I m pretty sure I won’t be eating bread, pita chips, or other seriously carb-y things for a wile.. my body needs to detox! I have been eating lots of veggies and proteins too but… way more carbs… and things I usually don’t eat like whit bread, chicken fingers, fries, deep dish pizza… yummy delicious things that also later make me feel like a balloon (I blame that more on having a boy visit last weekend tho, and spending inordinate amounts of time in bars watching NCAA Championship Week!) Regardless of this balloon like feeling, I feel strong and ready to go sooo I guess I am doing something right? It has also been nice to be able to let the guard down and not freak out about it… like I have been totally ok with it! Regardless next week back to clean clean clean eating!

Anyways last night PMull and I went to DiFebos which is a nice italian seafood restaurant near us at the beach! It was lady’s night so entrees were 50% off except for specials.. so of course we got the specials hahaha… but if you had seen them on the men you also would have ordered them immediately!

To start a glass of Pinot… we werent going to drink until after our races butttt couldn’t help ourselves! This was followed by a house salad for my mom, and a cesear salad for me! Plus warm whole wheat great topped with sea salt and butter… YUM

Then it was time for the main meal! I ordered Peach-Balsamic BBQ Grilled Mahi Mahi over Mashed Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts (OMG) This was to die for… the Mahi Mahi was grilled perfectly and the BBQ sauce was out of this world… omg I could eat this every day. My mom got Pesto Ravioli with Crab Meat and Asparagus…. and omg this too was amazing… Well done DiFebos.. Well done!

Following dinner we went home and watched the first night of MARCH MADNESS!!!! And the New Grey’s and Private Practice….OMG so intense.. and then the CU-UNLV game.. BUFFS WON!!!!!

ok off to DC!!!!! See ya from the Capitol (I just had a Hunger Games moment there… ONE WEEK!!!)


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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