I thought it 2.62 miles!!!

JUSTTTT KIDDINNGGG.. but that’s what soemones shirt said!!

Hello blog world I am alive! And I  conquered (ish) 26.2 miles!!!!!

5:22…. wayyyy slower than my anticipated/trained for time of 4:30 however I did not expect temps that felt like 85, the awful humidity, and a last 10 miles that were basically without shade…. not too mention the hilliest course I have ever run

me and my mom at the beginning!

BUT I FINISHED!!!! And thats all that really matters anyways.. the rest just goes to show I and everyone else running am a baller for seeing it through! Trust me at mile 9 I turned to my mom and had a mini breakdown, however she got me through to 12, and then I was on my own! At 15 my little angel friend Erica was there to cheer me on/walk with me throughthe water station… God bless her hahahaha… I definitely needed to see someone at that point! Then at 21 I found my mom, bffffll Lauren, and cousin Ryan riding around on bikes! They biked the last 5 miles with me, not even judging when I had to walk the hills!!! Seriously though…. pacemakers out there…. It is super cruel to put TWO hills in the last mile….. I powered through and didn’t walk the last one but still…. be nice to us after all that running! Luckily my friend Lyndsey was at the finish line which gave me that extra burst I needed to finish strong!

I don’t know if I will ever do another one… maybe I will…. definitely not in March again, or probably in a place where I am not used to the climate however it was fun, I got to spend the weekend in DC with so many amazing people from both high school and college, not to mention the best mom ever! We have decided that we are going to try and do a half-marathon together once a year from now on…. which I am definitely OK with as I think I am going to stick to halves from now on…. way more fun than a full!

I will be back later for a recap of the weekend/FOOD we ate in DC… there was a lot and it was DELICIOUS!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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