Finally… DC

So between traveling and trying to get work done on my masters project I have either had no access to internet or just no time… sorry i fail yet again haha.. on the bright side my daily activities now also include job searching… yay

Ok soooo now to my recap of DC!!!!!

As I have already stated the day of the marathon was HOTHOTHOT… after finishing the race we drove around for awhile admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms that were in bloom while on our way to Georgetown to drop my friend Lyndsey off! In addition to watching the race, Lyndsey was visiting her friends from W&L who now live in DC! Sadly Lauren and I did not going them for St. Patrick’s Day festivities because well my legs wanted no part of walking/dancing/or being upright really ahahhahaa

After dropping Lyndz off we went to meet my friend Erica at Shake Shack!!! I was so excited when I saw there was a Shake Shack and knew that was exactly what I wanted after my marathon! And it was delicious! I got the black and white milk shake with a cheese burger and crinkle cut fries…. OMG

My mom, Lauren and I all agreed that we wished the milkshakes were big as we could have had seconds! Thankfully the line was too long as we were leaving to entertain that thought! Especially with what was on the menu for dinner!!! After resting in the room for a few hours and hanging out with Molly who we missed at the race, Lauren and I met another friend from high school, Haley for pizza at Pizza Paradiso!

This place was so cool with tons of draft beers (no Bud Light for me, I was actually adventurous) and delicious sounding personal pizzas! We all ordered margarita pizzas and then added personal toppings, I got spinach, red peppers and pepperoni… YUM

mmmm just look at that crust…. it was definitely one of my top favorite restaurant pizzas that is for sure!

After dinner Lauren and I walked back to the hotel where I promptly passed out in a wonderful running/exhaustion induced sleep!

The next morning we were up and at em deciding to get lunch and then head our separate ways, Lauren back to Penn State, and me and my mom back to our beach house! As we were checking out we ran into one of my brother’s best friends from HS, who had run the half (and qualified for Boston in her previous marathon because she is amazing and superrunnergirl) Her name is also Lauren, and I had been taking to her but we missed her the previous day at the race and I never thought to ask where she was staying! Funnily enough not only was she at our hotel but staying a few rooms  away on the same floor… small world!

We decided to meet her and another girl who had gone to our high school at Sweet Greens in Georgetown! OMG This salad place was soooo good! I got a grain bowl which consisted of barley, quinoa, and another grain that right now I am forgetting along with avocado, tomatoes, peppers, romaine lettuce, and shrimp! This was so good!

After leaving Lauren  and Kate, PMull Lauren and I went on a quest to find Baked and Wired, a cupcake place supposedly better than Georgetown Cupcakes… and without the ridiculous line! OMG these cupcakes were amazing! Lauren got the Texas Sheet Cake, my mom got the Chocolate Doom, and I being predictable got Red Velvet because really I am never one to pass up an amazing Red Velvet Cupcake… who is?

We walked around with our cupcakes for a bit before heading back to the hotel to say bye!

It was such a fun weekend and I felt so lucky to be able to see so many wonderful people… and ya know run 26.2 miles… and eat delicious food!!!!

Later I will do a 360 and recap VEGAS…. quite different from DC haha


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


5 thoughts on “Finally… DC

  1. Um, pretty amazing post-marathon eats!! Love the burger, shake & fries combo … and the pizza! haha … sounds similar to my post meal, minus the shake!

    Glad you got to see so many people while you were there and CAN’T WAIT to hear about Vegas!!

  2. CONGRATS on your marathon! DC is one of my fave foodie cities, I went there in May between college graduation and starting my real-world job, and I was specifically there to a) eat and b) see museums (in that order). I would have to live there to eat all the good things there and even then I wouldn’t be able to. I’m so glad you had such good post-marathon eats! Dream: to drink wine and eat my way through DC with you someday.

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