CJG and the Hunger Games!

24 years ago today… a very special person was brought into this earth….. my dear ridiculous friend Connor J Grant

This year ConCon and I have become closer than ever and I love his presence in my life! He brings laughter, wisdom, and a partner in crime! Tonight we are going to the Kitchen in Denver in order to celebrate him making it 24 years living large!

Happy Birthday CON!!!!

Ok now onto the HUNGER GAMES!!!! We had a middle school group date type situation last night…. pretty much all of friends and I (legit we had almost an entire row) went to go see the Hunger Games! It was a mix of people who had read it and people who had not! I am obsessed with them…. and would have seen it on Thursday at midnight if I hadn’t been in Vegas!

legit this was one of the best trilogies I have ever read…and so I was so so so excited to see the movie esp because my brother Billy worked on the trailers when he worked at Lionsgate this year!

The movie was good… it wasn’t better than the books… movies never are but I definitely didn’t hate it the way I hate most of the Harry Potter movies (but I will still watch them every time ABC Family has a Harry Potter Weekend)

I loved the casting… I thought all the characters were spot on especially Stanley Tucci as Cesear Flickerman…. omg I died he was so funny and over the top. I also LOVED Josh Hutcherson as Peeta… he was exactly as I pictured him.

Also Gale is just so hot… I love him

And Lenny Kravitz was great as Cinna who was my favorite character in the books anyways!

There was definitely things I thought were pivotal to the book that were left out of the movie that I did not quite understand, but some of the added  scenes helped to add relevance for later on.. however the things that were left out become important later on as well… so we shall see how they do it! Overall I really enjoyed it… and will probably see it again because thats just how I work!

In other exciting news I am basically done data analysis on my masters project!!!! yay one step closer to graduation!!!! Also this week I started my LAST quarter of grad school….. EEEEEEEEE so exciting/scary

Have you seen the Hunger Games?! Thoughts?/Reactions?!Emotions?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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