Waking Up In Vegas

yes… this weekend Twink, Collen and I took on THE Vegas… it was my first time so I was quite excited to experience the craziness I had heard about from basically everyone else I know… who has been there since turning 21!

I took the early flight out on Thursday morning in order to have a relaxing wonderful pool day to myself before T & C arrived that evening! It was wonderful, I read an entire book, got a teensy bit sunburned, and was incredibly relaxed (a state that was helped by Bud Light Limes) by the time I got back to my room to chat with Whitt, shower, and get ready while waiting for the friends to arrive!

After they got to the Luxor and we all finished getting ready, we headed to the strip to find somewhere to eat and then meet up with  my friend Taylor who lives in Vegas. We ended up going to La Salsa, a place Collen loved from Tucson. This was a BAD choice. I hadn’t eaten much (read anything) all day because the pool bar wasn’t open, I forgot to put my usual emergency granola bar in my purse, and was too lazy to leave the pool. They were starving as well so it was a combination of bad Mexican and too fast eating that resulted in the WORST stomach ache ever. Despite this, we powered through and met Taylor at TAO which is actually my favorite NYC restaurant, and a cool club in Vegas! (I wish we had just eaten there.. although we probably would not have gotten seated and its really expensive)

Needless to say there was ALOT of dancing… I mean cmon it’s Vegas and it was a club… and I LOVE to dance… Collen and Twink were even bragging about my skillz (read ridiculous dancing skillz not like legit dancing)… I may have gotten into another dance off.. nbd

The next morning I woke up with an even worse stomach ache 😦 which then got worse as we walked around the strip in the heat! I managed to eat a little bit for lunch, but was more concerned about staying hydrated! We walked around before ending up at the Aria Hotel pool which was sooo nice and relaxing and perfect for all three of us!

This was taken in the mall at the Aria… lots of little Tornadoes… I was in my element obis. On our way out of the Aria we stopped for the most delicious looking gelato! It reminded me of Italy! I got strawberry sorbet and cheesecake (my stomach was feeling momentarily better)

When it started to gray we returned to the Luxor, tried our obnoxious  awesome joke souvenir tshirts and relaxed until we went back to the strip in order to go to the Holstein restaurant at Cosmopolitan.

OMG this restaurant was amazing… it was a gourmet burger place/sports bar and was so cool! As a starter each table got cheddar cheese popcorn which I thought was such a cool twist (and also probably why my stomach started hurting again) They had so many intriguing hamburgers to choose from! Of course as we are all highly original and unique, we all ordered the California Burger which was a Turkey burger with sprouts, guac, lettuce, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese and russian dressing ( I opted out of this). Twink and Collen got steak fries while I opted for shoestring as I looooove shoestring potatoes! We also got a pitcher of sangria! OMG this sangria was zoo good…. I just wish my stomach hadn’t started hurting again thus not allowing me to fully enjoy the sangria to it’s fullest extent! They also served their beer in Koozies which I got super excited about… and would totally have ordered a beer just to get a koozie!

Once we got back to the hotel to get ready to go out I realized I would not be joining them out. Sadly my stomach hurt too much, and within 15 minutes of being back at the hotel I had passed out… guess I really didn’ feel good!

I woke up feeling much better, and so we got ready to check out and head down to breakfast! Breakfast at the luxor was actually better than I thought it would be, and I ordered a veggie omelet with hash browns and whole wheat toast as well as a mimosa!

We went back to the Aria pool after breakfast and enjoyed beers by the pool! Around lunch time we met up with my uncle and cousin who live in Vegas for lunch in one of the cafes at Aria, before going back to the pool before our flight!

It was definitely an enjoyable weekend despite the stomach ache… and I can’t wait to go back and explore even more!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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